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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2010

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Dendritic organization within the cerebral cortex in autism Gabbott, Paul; Rezaie, Payam The Open University
Description and assessment of sensory abnormalities in ASD Dixon, Dennis Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
Developing novel automated apparatus for studying battery of social behaviors in mutant mouse models for autism Kimchi, Tali Weizmann Institute of Science
Development of brain connectivity in autism Castellanos, Francisco Xavier New York School of Medicine
Development of face processing expertise Lee, Kang University of Toronto
Development of the functional neural systems for face expertise Haist, Frank University of California, San Diego
Development of the functional neural systems for face expertise (supplement) Haist, Frank University of California, San Diego
Development of ventral stream organization O'Hearn, Kirsten University of Pittsburgh
Dimensions of mind perception Wegner, Daniel Harvard University
Doctoral dissertation research: Sign language in deaf and hearing autistic children Meier, Richard University of Texas at Austin
Electrical measures of functional cortical connectivity in autism Murias, Michael University of Washington
Elucidating the function of class 4 semaphorins in GABAergic synapse formation Paradis, Suzanne Brandeis University
Engrailed and the control of synaptic circuitry in drosophila Blagburn, Jonathan University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
Engrailed genes and cerebellum morphology, spatial gene expression and circuitry Joyner, Alexandra Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Evaluation of sleep disturbance in children with ASD Dixon, Dennis Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
Excessive cap-dependent translation as a molecular mechanism underlying ASD Klann, Eric New York University
Experience and cognitive development in infancy Oakes, Lisa University of California, Davis
Exploring the uncanny valley Hodgins, Jessica Carnegie Mellon University
Face perception: Mapping psychological spaces to neural responses Grill-Spector, Kalanit Stanford University
fMRI studies of cerebellar functioning in autism Mosconi, Matthew University of Illinois at Chicago
fMRI studies of neural dysfunction in autistic toddlers Courchesne, Eric University of California, San Diego
fMRI study of reward responsiveness of children with autism spectrum disorder Shirinyan, David University of California, Los Angeles
Functional analysis of neurexin IV in Drosophila Zipursky, Larry University of California, Los Angeles
Functional anatomy of face processing in the primate brain Ungerleider, Leslie National Institutes of Health
Functional neuroanatomy of developmental changes in face processing Joseph, Jane Medical University of South Carolina

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133 projects

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163 projects

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246 projects

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228 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
261 projects