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The intersection of autism and ADHD  

This is a Clinical Investigator Award, providing an opportunity for a medical investigator to develop into an independent researcher. Studies of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) within birth records-based Missouri population samples suggest that a severe combined subtype of ADHD defined by population-based criteria is a distinct form of ADHD. Specifically, this population-defined form of ADHD appears to be a genetically distinct disorder, with a characteristic developmental profile that includes elevated levels of autistic symptoms and motor problems. The current project aims to replicate and expand upon these findings using available datasets plus additional assessments that will aid in characterizing the neurodevelopmental phenotype of children with severe combined type ADHD. This study will attempt to improve diagnostic classification of childhood and adolescent disorders such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Refinement of ADHD phenotypes involving autistic traits and/or motor problems may facilitate future genetic studies, longitudinal outcome studies, and clinical treatment trials. Project Status


Funder National Institutes of Health
Fiscal Year Funding $155,319.00
Project Number 5K08MH080287-02
Principal Investigator Reiersen, Angela
Received ARRA Funding? No
Strategic Plan Question Question 4: Which Treatments And Interventions Will Help? (Interventions)
Strategic Plan Objective New! Yellow dot: Objective has some degree of funding, but less than the recommended amount. 4SF. Launch five randomized controlled trials of interventions including biological signatures and other measures to predict response, and monitor quality of life and functional outcomes, in each of the following groups:
  • Five trials in infants and toddlers by 2013. IACC Recommended Budget: $30,000,000 over 5 years.
  • Three randomized controlled trials of interventions for school-aged children and/or adolescents by 2013. IACC Recommended Budget: $18,000,000 over 5 years.
  • Three trials for adults by 2014. IACC Recommended Budget: $18,000,000 over 5 years.
Federal or Private? Federal
Institution Washington University in St. Louis
State/Country Missouri
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