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Responses to the 2009 IACC Request for Information

The comments received in response to the 2009 IACC RFI during the four-week open comment period are posted on this web site. Information about plans to publicly post this information was provided in the RFI (see the "Information Requested" and "How to Submit a Response" sections) and can be viewed here.

Please note that all comments are provided in their original form and in their entirety with the following exceptions: 1) Spelling errors were corrected and abbreviations changed to full length words to facilitate readability and text searching and 2) profane language was redacted. Respondent numbers in the RFI are not sequential due to test cases (technical staff and others submitting dummy data to test the system, which took up a respondent number each time) and unsubmitted responses (did not hit “submit” button, despite automated reminders to do so) that were logged into the system. Also, some respondents did not provide answers to every question or subquestion. Blank responses were not posted. The comments posted reflect the opinions of members of the public who responded to the RFI. These comments are not endorsed by and do not represent the views of the Federal government.

The responses to the IACC RFI are organized by Strategic Plan question. All of the responses to each question and sub question (Parts a, b, and c where applicable) are grouped together to allow the reader to easily review all material submitted in response to each question. When reviewing the responses, it may be helpful to understand that responses were submitted sequentially. Comments such as "previous" or "see above" sometimes refer to parts a or b of a person's response for the same Strategic Plan question, but in other cases refer to parts of a response to an earlier Strategic Plan question. In the case of the latter, the earlier comment referenced can be located by navigating to the Strategic Plan question indicated and then finding the respondent number associated with the comment of interest. Similarly, respondents sometimes referenced readers to previous responses by listing a specific question number (e.g. See IIIc). These materials can be located by navigating to the question listed and locating the respondent number of interest.

Please note that in the process of collecting this information, a database error prevented the proper collection of information regarding whether or not a respondent wanted to be identified (by name and/or organization) alongside the listing of his/her comments. If any RFI participant wishes to have his/her name and/or organization listed with his/her responses to the RFI, please send an e-mail to IACCPublicInquiries@mail.nih.gov with your name, respondent number and your specific request. Once your information has been verified, then your name and/or affiliation will be added to your entry.

To view the RFI responses, please click on a strategic plan question of your choice:

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