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Responses to the 2010 IACC Request for Information

The comments received in response to the 2010 IACC RFI during the six-week open comment period are posted on this web site. Information about plans to publicly post this information was provided in the RFI (see the "Information Requested" and "How to Submit a Response" sections) and can be viewed here.

Please note that respondent numbers are not sequential due to the fact that some respondents did not provide an answer to each question or sub-question. Some respondents indicated that they wished to have their name and/or affiliation be associated with their response, and in those cases, the information is provided at the top of the response.

Typographical and spelling errors have been corrected and abbreviations lengthened to facilitate searching the document. Every effort was made to avoid altering the meaning of the comments. Responses that referenced an individual respondent's earlier responses (e.g. "See above.") and did not contain additional information were omitted to make this working document more concise. Profane, abusive and/or threatening language, and personally identifiable information have been redacted.

The comments posted reflect the opinions of members of the public who responded to the RFI. These comments are not endorsed by and do not represent the views of the Federal government.

To view the RFI responses, please click on a strategic plan question of your choice:

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