Appendix III: Web of Science<sup>®</sup> Journal Subject Categories: IACC/OARC ASD Research Publications Analysis  
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IACC/OARC Autism Spectrum Disorder Publications Analysis: The Global Landscape of Autism Research, July 2012

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Appendix III: Web of Science® Journal Subject Categories

Journal Subject Category: Journals indexed in Web of Science are manually assigned to a Journal Subject Category based on an assessment of the applicable research field. These subject categories are used in the Journal Citation Reports®. Under this scheme, journals may be classified under more than one of the over 270 subject categories, and a given journal may be assigned to multiple categories to reflect the diverse nature of literature it publishes. Every article within a given journal inherits the subject category of the journal itself. To establish an appropriate and informative comparison group, the current ASD publications analysis used Journal Subject Categories to identify publications that are similar in discipline to those within the ASD publication portfolio.

The distribution of ASD publications by Journal Subject Category is presented in Table A-6 below. These Journal Subject Categories were used to establish a baseline for comparing the growth of ASD publications since 1980. For this comparison, the total publications within these Journal Subject Categories in each year was multiplied by the total ASD publications in 1980, then divided by the total publications within the Journal Subject Categories in 1980. The resulting values indicate the expected number of ASD publications based on the rate of growth within the comparable Journal Subject Categories.

Table A-6. Comparison Group: Journal Subject Categories
Comprising 75% of ASD Publications Since 1980

Deluxe Journal Subject Category Number of ASD Related Publications Percent of Total Cumulative Percent
Psychology, Developmental 6,066 15% 15%
Psychiatry 5,470 13% 28%
Neurosciences 3,782 9% 38%
Clinical Neurology 2,866 7% 45%
Rehabilitation 2,627 6% 51%
Pediatrics 2,251 6% 57%
Genetics & Heredity 1,963 5% 62%
Education, Special 1,948 5% 66%
Psychology, Clinical 1,242 3% 69%
Psychology 1,037 3% 72%
Behavioral Sciences 901 2% 74%
Psychology, Experimental 748 2% 76%

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