Appendix IV: Web of Science<sup>®</sup> Citation Data: IACC/OARC ASD Research Publications Analysis  
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IACC/OARC Autism Spectrum Disorder Publications Analysis: The Global Landscape of Autism Research, July 2012

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Appendix IV: Web of Science® Citation Data

Citation counts were used in Chapter Two to measure the impact and maturity of the autism research field as well as in Chapter Four to address the impact of collaborations. When appropriate, we used the average field-normalized citation count to ensure that the data were compared adequately between autism and other research fields.

Citations: The citation count is the number of times that a citation has been recorded for a given publication since it was published. Not all citations are recorded since not all publications are indexed. However, the material indexed by Thomson Reuters is estimated to attract about 95% of global citations. The two-year citation counts used in some of the current analyses include only those citations made within 730 days of publication. This limitation allows for comparison across publications that have had different lengths of time to accumulate citations.

Average normalized citation impact/count: Citation rates vary across research fields and from one time period to another. Consequently, analyses must take both field and year into account. In addition, the type of publication will influence the citation count. For this reason, only citation counts of papers of the same document type are used in calculations of citation impact. The standard normalization factor is the world average citations per paper for the year and journal category in which the paper was published. This normalization is also referred to as "rebasing" the citation count.

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Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC), National Institute of Mental Health and Thomson Reuters, Inc. on behalf of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC). IACC/OARC Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Publications Analysis Report: The Global Landscape of Autism Research. July 2012. Retrieved from the Department of Health and Human Services Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee website:

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