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Akhondzadeh, S., H. Tajdar, et al. (2008). "A double-blind placebo controlled trial of piracetam added to risperidone in patients with autistic disorder." Child Psychiatry Hum. Dev. 39(3): 237-45. TUMS 1.123
Andersen, I. M., J. Kaczmarska, et al. (2008). "Melatonin for insomnia in children with autism spectrum disorders." J. Child Neurol. 23(5): 482-5. Epub 2008/01/10. None 1.433
Aneja, A., & Tierney, E. (2008). "Autism: the role of cholesterol in treatment." Int Rev Psychiatry, 20(2): 165-170. AGRE, CAN Foundation, the SLO Advocacy and Exchange, Autism Speaks 1.563
Bailey, A. R., B. N. Giunta, et al. (2008). "Peripheral biomarkers in Autism: secreted amyloid precursor protein-alpha as a probable key player in early diagnosis." Int J Clin Exp Med 1(4): 338-44. Epub 2008/12/17. NIMH, Robert A. Silver foundation, NINDS None listed
Baumer, J. H. (2008). "Autism spectrum disorders, SIGN." Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed, 93(5): 163-166. None None listed
Bello, K. D., N. Goharpey, et al. (2008). "A puzzle form of a non-verbal intelligence test gives significantly higher performance measures in children with severe intellectual disability." BMC Pediatrics 8: 30-30. ARC None listed
Ben Itzchak, E., E. Lahat, et al. (2008). "Cognitive, behavior and intervention outcome in young children with autism." Res. Dev. Disabil. 29(5): 447-58. ALUT 4.475
Cannell, J. J. and B. W. Hollis (2008). "Use of vitamin D in clinical practice." Alternative medicine review: a journal of clinical therapeutic 13(1). None 2.808
Cass, H., P. Gringras, et al. (2008). "Absence of urinary opioid peptides in children with autism." Arch. Dis. Child. 93(9): 745-50. RHSC and Chief Scientist Office (Edinburgh, UK) and the Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 2.834
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Chiu, P. H., M. A. Kayali, et al. (2008). "Self responses along cingulate cortex reveal quantitative neural phenotype for high-functioning autism." Neuron 57(3): 463-73. Epub 2008/02/08. NIDA, NINDS, The Kane Family Foundation, The Dana Foundation, Autism Speaks, The Angel Williamson Imaging Center, APA 14.170
Crespi, B. and C. Badcock (2008). "Psychosis and autism as diametrical disorders of the social brain." Behav. Brain Sci. 31(3): 241-+. <Go to ISI>://000258542200001 NSERC and Canada Council for the Arts 12.818
Deth, R., Muratore, C., Benzecry, J., Power-Charnitsky, V. A., & Waly, M. (2008). "How environmental and genetic factors combine to cause autism: A redox/methylation hypothesis." Neurotoxicology, 29(1): 190-201. SafeMinds, ARI and CAN  2.409
Elder, L. M., G. Dawson, et al. (2008). "Head circumference as an early predictor of autism symptoms in younger siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder." J. Autism Dev. Disord. 38(6): 1104-11. Epub 2007/12/07. NICHD and NIMH 3.348
Enstrom, A. M., L. Lit, et al. (2008). "Altered gene expression and function of peripheral blood natural killer cells in children with autism." Brain. Behav. Immun. Epub 2008/09/03. NIEHS, EPA,  CAN, Peter Emch Foundation, Ted Lindsey Foundation, M.I.N.D. Institute, and the Johnson family 4.909
Gilbert, S. J., G. Bird, et al. (2008). "Atypical recruitment of medial prefrontal cortex in autism spectrum disorders: an fMRI study of two executive function tasks." Neuropsychologia 46(9): 2281-91. Wellcome Trust 4.074
Gilby, K. L. (2008). "A new rat model for vulnerability to epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders." Epilepsia, 49 Suppl 8: 108-110. None 3.733
Glasson, E. J., MacDermott, S., Dixon, G., Cook, H., Chauvel, P., Maley-Berg, A., et al. (2008). "Management of assessments and diagnoses for children with autism spectrum disorders: the Western Australian model." Medical Journal of Australia, 188(5): 288-291. None 3.320
Glazebrook, C. M., D. Elliott, et al. (2008). "Temporal judgements of internal and external events in persons with and without autism." Conscious. Cogn. 17(1): 203-9. Autism Ontario, the Canada Research Chair Programme, and the NSERC. 2.690
Greenspan, S. I., Brazelton, T. B., Cordero, J., Solomon, R., Bauman, M. L., Robinson, R., et al. (2008). "Guidelines for early identification, screening, and clinical management of children with autism spectrum disorders." Pediatrics, 121(4): 828-830. None 4.789
Groen, W. B., Zwiers, M. P., van der Gaag, R. J., & Buitelaar, J. K. (2008). "The phenotype and neural correlates of language in autism: an integrative review." Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 32(8): 1416-1425. None 7.804
Hansen RL, Ozonoff S, Krakowiak P, Angkustsiri K, Jones C, Deprey LJ, Le DN, Croen LA, Hertz-Picciotto I. (2008). "Regression in autism: prevalence and associated factors in the CHARGE Study." Ambul Pediatr.  Jan-Feb;8(1):25-31. NIEHS, EPA, M.I.N.D. Institute  1.846
Hepburn SL, DiGuiseppi C, Rosenberg S, Kaparich K, Robinson C, Miller L. "Use of a teacher nomination strategy to screen for autism spectrum disorders in general education classrooms: a pilot study." J Autism Dev Disord 2008;38:373 CDC and CADDRE 3.348
Johnson, C. P. (2008). "Recognition of autism before age 2 years." Pediatrics in Review, 29(3): 86-96. None 0.525
Jones, W., K. Carr, et al. (2008). "Absence of preferential looking to the eyes of approaching adults predicts level of social disability in 2-year-old toddlers with autism spectrum disorder." Arch. Gen. Psychiatry 65(8): 946-54. Epub 2008/08/06. NIMH, Autism Speaks, the Simons Foundation and the American Psychological Foundation Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Award  14.273
Kakooza-Mwesige, A., Wachtel, L. E., & Dhossche, D. M. (2008). "Catatonia in autism: implications across the life span." European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 17(6): 327-335. None 1.769
Kennedy, D. P. and E. Courchesne (2008). "The intrinsic functional organization of the brain is altered in autism." Neuroimage 39(4): 1877-1885. NIMH 5.694
Kleinhans, Natalia M; Muller, Ralph-Axel; Cohen, David N; Courchesne, Eric. (2008). "Atypical functional lateralization of language in autism spectrum disorders." Brain Res. Jul 24;1221:115-25. Epub 2008/05/14. NIMH and NIDCD 2.494
Kleinman JM, Ventola PE, et al. (2008). "Diagnostic stability in very young children with autism spectrum disorders." J Autism Dev Disord. 2008 Apr;38(4):606-15. Epub 2007 Oct 9. NICHD, MCHB, ASAT, NIMH and Department of Education 3.348
Knaus TA, Silver AM, Lindgren KA, Hadjikhani N, Tager-Flusberg H. (2008). "fMRI activation during a language task in adolescents with ASD." J. Int. Neuropsychol. Soc. 14(6):967-79. NIDCD, NICHD, NINDS and BUMC 2.625
Koshino, H., R. K. Kana, et al. (2008). "fMRI investigation of working memory for faces in autism: Visual coding and underconnectivity with frontal areas." Cereb. Cortex 18(2): 289-300. NICHD 5.907
Landa, R. J. (2008). "Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in the first 3 years of life." Nat Clin Pract Neurol, 4(3): 138-147. NIMH 6.979
Lian, W. B., S. H. K. Ying, et al. (2008). "Pre-school teachers' knowledge, attitudes and practices on childhood developmental and behavioural disorders in Singapore." J. Paediatr. Child Health 44(4): 187-94. None 1.124
Loveland, K. A., J. Bachevalier, et al. (2008). "Fronto-limbic functioning in children and adolescents with and without autism." Neuropsychologia 46(1): 49-62. NIMH, NICHD 4.074
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Manzi, B., Loizzo, A. L., Giana, G., & Curatolo, P. (2008). "Autism and metabolic diseases." Journal of Child Neurology, 23(3): 307-314. None 1.433
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Martin LA, Ashwood P, Braunschweig D, Cabanlit M, Van de Water J, Amaral DG. (2008) "Stereotypies and hyperactivity in rhesus monkeys exposed to IgG from mothers of children with autism." Brain Behav Immun. 2008 Aug;22(6):806-16. Epub 2008 Feb 8. NIEHS, EPA, Visceral and the Ted Lindsay Foundation, CAN, NIMH and CEHC and M.I.N.D. Institute. 4.909
McAlonan, G. M., J. Suckling, et al. (2008). "Distinct patterns of grey matter abnormality in high-functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome." J. Child Psychol. Psychiatry 49(12): 1287-95. Epub 2008/08/05. University of Hong Kong 4.854
Mefford, H. C., A. J. Sharp, et al. (2008). "Recurrent rearrangements of chromosome 1q21.1 and variable pediatric phenotypes." N. Engl. J. Med. 359(16): 1685-99. Epub 2008/09/12. NICHD, DDSN, the Wellcome Trust, the André & Cyprien Foundation, the University Hospitals of Geneva , the Health Research Board, the European Union, the Dutch Foundation for Brain Research, the OxBRC,  NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (UK), NGRL (UK), the FWO–Vlaanderen, and the HHMI. 50.017
Morgan, A. T. and A. P. Vogel (2008) "Intervention for childhood apraxia of speech." Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008, Issue 3. Art. No.: CD006278. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD006278.pub2. Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (Australia) 5.182
Nikolov RN, Bearss KE, Lettinga J, Erickson C, Rodowski M, Aman MG, McCracken JT, McDougle CJ, Tierney E, Vitiello B, Arnold LE, Shah B, Posey DJ, Ritz L, Scahill L. (2009). "Gastrointestinal symptoms in a sample of children with pervasive developmental disorders." J Autism Dev Disord. Mar;39(3):405-13. Epub 2008 Sep 13. NIMH 3.348
Oberman, L. M., V. S. Ramachandran, et al. (2008). "Modulation of mu suppression in children with autism spectrum disorders in response to familiar or unfamiliar stimuli: The mirror neuron hypothesis." Neuropsychologia 46(5): 1558-1565. None 4.074
Parner, E. T., D. E. Schendel, et al. (2008). "Autism prevalence trends over time in Denmark: changes in prevalence and age at diagnosis." Arch. Pediatr. Adolesc. Med. 162(12): 1150-6. Epub 2008/12/03. None 4.320
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Roberts, T. P., Schmidt, G. L., Egeth, M., Blaskey, L., Rey, M. M., Edgar, J. C., et al. (2008). "Electrophysiological signatures: magnetoencephalographic studies of the neural correlates of language impairment in autism spectrum disorders." International Journal of Psychophysiology, 68(2): 149-160. NIDCD, NINDS, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation, The Christina and Jeffery Lurie Family Foundation, Autism Speaks and CIHR 2.264
Scattoni, M. L., S. U. Gandhy, et al. (2008). "Unusual repertoire of vocalizations in the BTBR T+tf/J mouse model of autism." PLoS ONE 3(8): e3067. NIMH None listed
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Tartaglia, N., S. Davis, et al. (2008). "A new look at XXYY syndrome: medical and psychological features." American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A 146A(12): 1509-22. NIH LRP,  Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, M.I.N.D. Institute, XXYY Project 2.555
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Trachtman, J. N. (2008). "Background and history of autism in relation to vision care." Optometry, 79(7): 391-396. None None listed
van Kooten, I. A., S. J. Palmen, et al. (2008). "Neurons in the fusiform gyrus are fewer and smaller in autism." Brain 131(Pt 4): 987-99. Epub 2008/03/12. NIMH, NAAR/Autism Speaks, the European Community,  the Korczak foundation and the James S. McDonnell Foundation 9.603
Wallis, K., & Pinto-Martin, J. (2008). "The challenge of screening for autism in a culturally diverse society." Acta Paediatrica, 97(5): 539-540. None 1.517
Weissman JR, Kelley RI, Bauman ML, Cohen BH, Murray KF, Mitchell RL, Kern RL, Natowicz MR. (2008) "Mitochondrial disease in autism spectrum disorder patients: a cohort analysis." PLoS ONE. 2008;3(11):e3815. Epub 2008 Nov 26. Solving the Mystery of Autism Foundation, Inc., and the Green Foundation None listed
Williams, D., F. Happé, et al. (2008). "Intact inner speech use in autism spectrum disorder: evidence from a short-term memory task." Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines 49(1): 51-8. NIEHS, EPA, and the M.I.N.D. Institute. 4.854

*Journal impact factor is a measure of the number of citations an indexed journal receives annually and may be used to rank the relative importance of the journal. Higher impact factor scores represent a greater number of citations.

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