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Photos related to autism and the work of the IACC

Member Roster

Subcommittee for Basic and Translational Research
DSM-5 Planning Group Roster


  • Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Duke University Center on Autism
    Diagnosis and Treatment
    Duke University Developmental
    Neuroscience Research Program
    Duke University School of Medicine
    Durham, North Carolina

Federal Members

  • Laura Carpenter, Ph.D., BCBA
    (Invited Expert)
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Medical University of South Carolina
    Charleston, South Carolina
  • Jan M. Crandy Parent
    Case Manager
    Nevada State Autism Treatment Assistance Program Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Laura Kavanagh, M.P.P.
    Division of Research, Training and Education
    Health Resources and Service Administration
    Rockville, Maryland
  • John P. O'Brien, M.A.
    Senior Policy Advisor
    Disabled and Elderly Health Programs
    Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • Diane Paul, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, CAE
    (Invited Expert)
    Clinical Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    Rockville, Maryland
  • Cathy Rice, Ph.D.
    (Representing Coleen Boyle, Ph.D., M.S. Hyg.)
    Behavioral Scientist
    Developmental Psychologist
    Prevention Research Branch
    National Center on Birth Defects and
    Developmental Disabilities
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Scott Michael Robertson, Ph.D. Self Advocate
    Co-founder and Vice Chair of Development
    Autistic Self Advocacy Network
    University Park, Pennsylvania
  • John Elder Robison Self-Advocate and Parent
    Neurodiversity Scholar in Residence
    College of William and Mary
    Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Susan E. Swedo, M.D. (Invited Expert) Behavioral Pediatrics Section
    Pediatrics and Developmental Neuropsychiatry
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Bethesda, Maryland
  • Amy M. Wetherby, Ph.D. (Invited Expert) Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine
    Distinguished Research Professor
    Laurel Schendel Professor of Communication
    Science and Disorders
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, Florida
  • Lawrence J. Wexler, Ed.D.
    (Representing Michael K. Yudin
    Research to Practice Division
    U.S. Department of Education
    Office of Special Education and
    Rehabilitative Services
    Washington, DC
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