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Strategic Plan Cover 2023

IACC Strategic Plan

For Autism Research, Services, and Policy

2021-2023 Update


The 2021-2023 IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Research, Services, and Policy provides an overview of current understanding of many issues that are relevant to the autism community, as well as gaps and opportunities in autism research, services and supports, and policy. As in previous years, the IACC Strategic Plan is organized around seven general topic areas that are represented in the Plan as community-focused Questions. There are 24 Recommendations focused on activities to improve health, well-being, and outcomes for autistic people in all communities. The IACC Strategic Plan also emphasizes the need to increase acceptance and understanding of autism and address the issues that create the most significant challenges for autistic people and their families. The 2021-2023 IACC Strategic Plan was developed with input from the many different perspectives and areas of expertise represented on the Committee and gathered through public comments.

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