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Portfolio Analysis Cover 2016
International Portfolio Analysis Report
Autism Spectrum Disorder Research
In the first International ASD Research Portfolio Analysis Report, four countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia – collaborated to analyze ASD research funding data from 2016 to achieve a first assessment of global ASD research. The report compares levels and types of investment among countries, such as which institutions received ASD research funding, what types of agencies and organizations support ASD research, and what research areas received funding. International funding trends were analyzed in alignment with the seven research questions outlined in the U.S. IACC Strategic Plan; these questions are represented by the following research priority areas: Diagnosis & Screening, Biology, Risk Factors, Treatments & Interventions, Services, Lifespan Issues, and Infrastructure & Surveillance. Future iterations of this report will aim to include more countries and additional funders to more fully identify ASD research efforts around the world. Full data for this report are available on the Autism Research Database.

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