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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Elucidating the roles of SHANK3 and FXR in the autism interactome Zoghbi, Huda Q2.S.D Baylor College of Medicine
Statistical analysis of biomedical imaging data in curved space Zhu, Hongtu Q2.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
High-throughput DNA sequencing method for probing the connectivity of neural circuits at single-neuron resolution Zador, Anthony Q2.Other Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory faculty recruitment in developmental neurobiology Zador, Anthony Q7.K Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Brain lipid rafts in cholesterol biosynthesis disorders Yu, Hongwei Q2.Other Medical College of Wisconsin
Regulation of gene expression in the brain Young, Walter Q4.S.B National Institutes of Health
Young development of a novel PET ligand for detecting oxytocin receptors in brain Young, Larry Q2.Other Emory University
Vasopressin receptors and social attachment Young, Larry Q4.S.B Emory University
Neural mechanisms of social cognition and bonding Young, Larry Q4.S.B Emory University
Central vasopressin receptors and affiliation Young, Larry Q4.S.B Emory University
Central vasopressin receptors and affiliation Young, Larry Q4.S.B Emory University
Neurocognitive markers of response to treatment in autism Young, Gregory Q4.S.F University of California, Davis
Predicting useful speech in children with autism Yoder, Paul Q1.L.B Vanderbilt University
Functional imaging of flexibility in autism: Informed by SLC6A4 Yerys, Benjamin Q2.S.G Children's Research Institute
Imaging signal transduction in single dendritic spines Yasuda, Ryohei Q2.Other Duke University
Validation study of atypical dynamic pupillary light reflex as a biomarker for autism Yao, Gang; Miles, Judith; Christ, Shawn Q1.L.A University of Missouri
Basal ganglia circuitry and molecules in pathogenesis of motor stereotypy Yang, Xiangdong Q4.S.B University of California, Los Angeles
ACE Center: Targeting genetic pathways for brain overgrowth in autism spectrum disorders Wynshaw-Boris, Anthony Q3.L.B University of California, San Diego
Social evaluation in infants and toddlers Wynn, Karen Q1.L.B Yale University
Dynamic regulation of Shank3 and ASD Worley, Paul Q4.S.B Johns Hopkins University
1/3 CBT for anxiety disorders in autism: Adapting treatment for adolescents Wood, Jeffrey Q4.S.F University of California, Los Angeles
Software to enrich the noun lexicons and lexical learning of children with autism Wilson, Mary Sweig Q4.L.D Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
Population genetics to improve homozygosity mapping and mapping in admixed groups Williams, Amy Q3.L.B Harvard Medical School
Regulation of synapse elimination by FMRP Wilkerson, Julia Q2.S.D University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
ACE Center: Genetic contributions to endophenotypes of autism Wijsman, Ellen Q2.S.G University of Washington