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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Characterizing the genetic systems of autism through multi-disease analysis Wall, Dennis Q2.S.G Harvard Medical School
A mitochondrial etiology of autism Wallace, Douglas Q2.S.A Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Human autism genetics and activity dependent gene activation Walsh, Christopher Q3.S.A Children's Hospital Boston
Finding autism genes by genomic copy number analysis Walsh, Christopher Q3.S.A Children's Hospital Boston
Neural and behavioral outcomes of social skills groups in children with ASD Wang, A. Ting; Soorya, Latha Q4.S.F Mount Sinai School of Medicine
2010 Neurobiology of Cognition Gordon Research Conference Wang, Xiao-Jing Q7.K Gordon Research Conferences
Epigenetic marks as peripheral biomarkers of autism Warren, Stephen Q3.S.J Emory University
Defining the dynamics of the default network with direct brain recordings and functional MRI Weaver, Kurt Q2.Other University of Washington
Physiology of attention and regulation in children with ASD and LD Webb, Sara Q2.Other Seattle Children's Hospital
Neural basis of behavioral flexibility Weiss, Klaudiusz; Cropper, Elizabeth Q2.Other Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Dissecting epistasis and pleiotropy in autism towards personalized medicine Weiss, Lauren Q3.S.A University of California, San Francisco
A sex-specific dissection of autism genetics Weiss, Lauren Q2.S.B University of California, San Francisco
Investigation of sex differences associated with autism candidate gene, CYFIP1 Werling, Donna Q2.S.B University of California, Los Angeles
1/2-Effects of parent-implemented intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder Wetherby, Amy Q4.S.D Florida State University
Social communication phenotype of ASD in the second year Wetherby, Amy Q1.L.C Florida State University
Improving and streamlining screening and diagnosis of ASD at 18-24 months of age Wetherby, Amy Q1.S.B Florida State University
Early social communication characteristics of ASD in diverse cultures in the US and Africa Wetherby, Amy Q1.S.B Florida State University
Cntnap2 in a behavioral model of autism White, Stephanie Q4.S.B University of California, Los Angeles
A cognitive-behavioral intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders White, Susan Q4.Other Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Deep sequencing of autism candidate genes in 2000 families from the Simons Simplex Collection Wigler, Michael; McCombie, William Q3.S.A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
ACE Center: Genetic contributions to endophenotypes of autism Wijsman, Ellen Q2.S.G University of Washington
Regulation of synapse elimination by FMRP Wilkerson, Julia Q2.S.D University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Population genetics to improve homozygosity mapping and mapping in admixed groups Williams, Amy Q3.L.B Harvard Medical School
Software to enrich the noun lexicons and lexical learning of children with autism Wilson, Mary Sweig Q4.L.D Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
1/3 CBT for anxiety disorders in autism: Adapting treatment for adolescents Wood, Jeffrey Q4.S.F University of California, Los Angeles