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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Neural and phenotypic correlates of autism risk genes Bookheimer, Susan Q2.S.G University of California, Los Angeles
ACE Center: The Imaging Core Bookheimer, Susan Q7.Other University of California, Los Angeles
Communication success and AAC: A model of symbol acquisition Brady, Nancy Q4.S.G University of Kansas
White matter structural deficits in high functioning children with autism Bregman, Joel Q2.Other Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
Genetic and developmental analyses of fragile X syndrome Broadie, Kendal Q2.S.D Vanderbilt University
Neurobiology of sociability in a mouse model system relevant to autism Brodkin, Edward Q4.S.B University of Pennsylvania
Translating autism intervention for mental health services via knowledge exchange Brookman-Frazee, Lauren Q5.L.A University of California, San Diego
Prenatal factors and risk of autism in a Finnish national birth cohort Brown, Alan Q3.S.H New York State Psychiatric Institute
Behavioral and genetic biomarker development for autism and related disorders Brzustowicz, Linda Q2.S.G Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick
3/5-Elucidating the genetic architecture of autism by deep genomic sequencing Buxbaum, Joseph Q3.S.A Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Evaluation of sensory integration treatment in ASD Camarata, Stephen; Wallace, Mark Q4.S.C Vanderbilt University
Early social and emotional development in toddlers at genetic risk for autism Campbell, Susan Q1.L.A University of Pittsburgh
Guiding visual attention to enhance discrimination learning Carlin, Michael Q4.Other University of Massachusetts Medical School
Functional circuit disorders of sensory cortex in ASD and RTT Carlson, Gregory Q2.S.D University of Pennsylvania
Autism in the second half of the lifespan: Behavior, daily living, service needs Carper, Ruth Q6.S.A University of California, San Diego
Neural mechanisms underlying obsessive compulsiveness in ASD Carrasco, Melisa Q1.L.B University of Michigan
Gross morphological correlates to the minicolumnopathy of autism Casanova, Manuel Q2.Other University of Louisville
Building a selective inhibitory control tone in autism: An rTMS study Casanova, Manuel Q4.Other University of Louisville
Neural dissection of hyperactivity/inattention in autism Castellanos, Francisco Q2.S.E New York University School of Medicine
2010 "Synaptic Transmission" Gordon Research Conference Castillo, Pablo Q7.K Gordon Research Conferences
In vivo function of neuronal activity-induced MeCP2 phosphorylation Chang, Qiang Q3.S.J University of Wisconsin - Madison
Prospective study of infants at high risk for autism Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.A Yale University
ACE Center: Gaze perception abnormalities in infants with ASD Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.A Yale University
Development of face processing in infants with autism spectrum disorders Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.B Yale University
Synaptic plasticity, memory and social behavior Chevere-Torres, Itzamarie Q4.S.B New York University