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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
CAREER: Integrative behavioural and neurophysiological studies of normal and autistic cognition using video game environments Robertson, Steven Q2.Other Cornell University
Collaborative research: Detecting false discoveries under dependence using mixtures Roy, Anindya Q2.Other University of Maryland, Baltimore County
A novel adaptive transactional virtual reality-based assistive technology for autism intervention Sarkar, Nilanjan Q4.Other Vanderbilt University
CAREER: Typical and atypical development of brain regions for theory of mind Saxe, Rebecca Q2.Other Massachusetts Institute of Technology
CDI-Type I: Understanding regulation of visual attention in autism through computational and robotic modeling Scassellati, Brian Q1.L.B Yale University
A history of behavioral genetics Schaffner, Kenneth Q3.Other University of Pittsburgh
Collaborative research: RUI: Perceptual pick-up processes in interpersonal coordination Schmidt, Richard Q2.Other College of the Holy Cross
Collaborative research: Computational behavioral science: Modeling, analysis, and visualization of social and communicative behavior Sclaroff, Stan Q1.L.B Trustees of Boston University
Collaborative research: Modeling perception and memory: Studies in priming Shiffrin, Richard Q2.Other Indiana University
Children's causal learning and developing knowledge of mechanisms Sobel, David Q2.Other Brown University
Neural processes of eye gaze perception and its influence on learning in infancy Striano, Tricia Q1.Other Hunter College (City University of New York)
A novel quantitative framework to study lack of social interactions in autism Torres, Elizabeth Q1.L.B Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick
CAREER: Dissecting the neural mechanisms for face detection Tsao, Doris Q2.Other California Institute of Technology
HCC: Medium: Automatic detection of atypical patterns in cross-modal affect Van Santen, Jan Q1.L.B Oregon Health & Science University
Rodeo: A platform for discovery and analysis of protein network motifs Wall, Dennis Q7.O Harvard University
How words and sounds influence category formation in infancy Waxman, Sandra Q1.Other Northwestern University
Dimensions of mind perception Wegner, Daniel Q2.Other Harvard University
Does training in acting foster theory of mind, empathy, and emotion regulation? Winner, Ellen Q4.Other Boston College
Action anticipation in infants Woodward, Amanda Q2.Other University of Chicago