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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
An investigation of the overlap of autism and fragile X syndrome Martin, Gary Q2.S.G University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A non-human primate autism model based on maternal immune activation Patterson, Paul Q2.S.A University of California, Davis
An open resource for autism iPSCs and their derivatives Schwartz, Philip Q7.D Children's Hospital of Orange County
A primate model of gut, immune, and CNS response to childhood vaccines Sackett, Gene Q2.S.A University of Washington
A randomized control study of relationship focused intervention with young children with ASD Mahoney, Gerald Q4.L.D Case Western Reserve University
Are autism spectrum disorders associated with leaky-gut at an early critical period in development? Dobkins, Karen; Schmid-Schoenbein, Geert Q1.L.A University of California, San Diego
A sex-specific dissection of autism genetics Weiss, Lauren Q2.S.B University of California, San Francisco
A study of the computational space of facial expressions of emotion Martinez, Aleix Q2.Other The Ohio State University
A systematic test of the relation of ASD heterogeneity to synaptic function Sudhof, Thomas; Malenka, Robert Q2.Other Stanford University
A systems biology approach to unravel the underlying functional modules of ASD Iakoucheva, Lilia Q2.Other University of California, San Diego
Atypical late neurodevelopment in autism: A longitudinal MRI and DTI study Lainhart, Janet Q2.Other University of Utah
Augmentation of the cholinergic system in fragile X syndrome: A double-blind placebo study Reiss, Allan Q2.S.D Stanford University
Autism: Neuropeptide hormones and potential pathway genes Jacob, Suma Q2.S.G University of Illinois at Chicago
Autism: Neuropeptide hormones and potential pathway genes (supplement) Jacob, Suma Q2.S.G University of Illinois at Chicago
Autism: Social and communication predictors in siblings Landa, Rebecca Q1.L.B Kennedy Krieger Institute
Autism: The neural substrates of language in siblings Lindgren, Kristen Q2.S.G Boston University Medical Campus
Autism and the development of relational awareness Diamond, Adele Q4.Other University of British Columbia
Autism in the second half of the lifespan: Behavior, daily living, service needs Carper, Ruth Q6.S.A University of California, San Diego
Autism in urban context: Linking heterogeneity with health and service disparities Solomon, Olga Q5.S.A University of Southern California
Autism iPSCs for studying function and dysfunction in human neural development Loring, Jeanne Q4.S.B The Scripps Research Institute
Autism Registry Simon, Gregory Q7.C Group Health Cooperative
Autism Research Program Levitt, Pat Q7.K University of Southern California
Autism-specific mutation in DACT1: Impact on brain development in a mouse model Cheyette, Benjamin Q2.Other University of California, San Francisco
Autistic endophenotypes and their associations to oxytocin and cholesterol Silverman, Jeremy Q2.Other Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Autistic traits: Life course & genetic structure Constantino, John Q2.S.G Washington University