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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
2/3-Multisite RCT of early intervention for spoken communication in autism Smith, Tristram Q4.S.F University of Rochester
3/3-Atomoxetine placebo and parent training in autism Smith, Tristram Q4.S.F University of Rochester
Characterization of autism susceptibility genes on chromosome 15q11-13 Smith, Stephen Q4.S.B Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Metacognition in comparative perspective Smith, J. David; Beran, Michael Q2.Other University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Studies on protein synthesis and long-term adaptive responses in the CNS Smith, Carolyn Q2.Other National Institutes of Health
Autism Registry Simon, Gregory Q7.C Group Health Cooperative
Sensory integration and language processing in autism Silverman, Laura Q1.L.C University of Rochester
Autistic endophenotypes and their associations to oxytocin and cholesterol Silverman, Jeremy Q2.Other Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Investigation of DUF1220 domains in human brain function and disease Sikela, James Q3.L.B University of Colorado Denver
Investigation of DUF1220 domains in human brain function and disease (supplement) Sikela, James Q3.L.B University of Colorado Denver
ACE Center: The development of the siblings of children with autism: A longitudinal study Sigman, Marian Q1.L.B University of California, Los Angeles
fMRI study of reward responsiveness of children with autism spectrum disorder Shirinyan, David Q2.Other University of California, Los Angeles
Electronic location reporting for individuals with cognitive disabilities Sherwood, Tom Q5.S.D Intellispeak, LLC
2010 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Gordon Research Conference Shen, Kang Q7.K Gordon Research Conferences
Early detection of autism through acoustic analysis of cry Sheinkopf, Stephen Q1.S.B Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island
Service transitions among youth with autism spectrum disorders Shattuck, Paul Q6.L.B Washington University
Gene expression and immune cell function in mothers of children with autism Sharp, Frank; Ashwood, Paul; Van de Water, Judy Q3.S.E University of California, Davis
Core D: Molecular Genomics Core Sharp, Frank Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Glial control of neuronal receptive ending morphology Shaham, Shai Q2.Other The Rockefeller University
Dissecting the neural control of social attachment Shah, Nirao Q4.S.B University of California, San Francisco
Behavioral and sensory evaluation of auditory discrimination in autism Serna, Richard Q2.Other University of Massachusetts Medical School
Impacts of parenting adolescents & adults with autism Seltzer, Marsha Q6.L.B University of Wisconsin - Madison
New approaches to local translation: SpaceSTAMP of proteins synthesized in axons Segal, Rosalind Q2.S.D Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
An open resource for autism iPSCs and their derivatives Schwartz, Philip Q7.D Children's Hospital of Orange County
Neuroimaging of autism spectrum disorders Schultz, Robert Q1.L.B University of California, Los Angeles