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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Electrophysiological signatures of language impairment in autism spectrum disorder (supplement) Roberts, Timothy Q1.L.B Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Design & synthesis of novel CNS-active oxytocin and vasopressin receptor ligands Roberts, Edward Q4.Other The Scripps Research Institute
Visual processing and later cognitive effects in infants with fragile X syndrome Rivera, Susan Q1.Other University of California, Davis
Sex chromosomes, epigenetics, and neurobehavioral disease Rissman, Emilie Q3.S.K University of Virginia
Behavioral Measurement Core Reznick, James Q7.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Novel animal models of impaired social behavior and anxiety: A role for MeCP2 Reyes, Teresa Q3.L.C University of Pennsylvania
Proteomics in drosophila to identify autism candidate substrates of UBE3A Reiter, Lawrence Q2.S.D University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Augmentation of the cholinergic system in fragile X syndrome: A double-blind placebo study Reiss, Allan Q2.S.D Stanford University
The intersection of autism and ADHD Reiersen, Angela Q1.L.B Washington University in St. Louis
Neural substrate of language and social cognition: Autism and typical development Redcay, Elizabeth Q2.Other Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Training outpatient clinicians to deliver cognitive behavior therapy to children Reaven, Judy Q4.S.C University of Colorado Denver
Genetic models of serotonin transporter regulation linked to mental disorders Ramamoorthy, Sammanda Q4.S.B Medical University of South Carolina
Epidemiological research on autism in Jamaica Rahbar, Mohammad Q3.S.H University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
The comparison of three behavioral therapy approaches for children with autism Quinn, Sheila Q4.S.F University of Rhode Island
Met signaling in neural development and circuitry formation Qiu, Shenfeng Q2.Other University of Southern California
The neural basis of social cognition Puce, Aina Q2.Other Indiana University
Longitudinal neurodevelopment of auditory and language cortex in autism Prigge, Molly Q2.Other University of Utah
MeCP2 modulation of BDNF signaling: Shared mechanisms of Rett and autism Pozzo-Miller, Lucas Q2.S.D University of Alabama at Birmingham
Neuroligin function in vivo: Implications for autism and mental retardation Powell, Craig Q4.S.B University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Novel genetic animal models of autism Powell, Craig Q4.S.B University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Hypocholesterolemic autism spectrum disorder Porter, Forbes Q3.L.B National Institutes of Health
High-resolution diffusion tensor imaging in mouse models relevant to autism Poptani, Harish Q4.S.B University of Pennsylvania
Neurogenetic model of social behavior heterogeneity in autism spectrum disorders Platt, Michael Q4.S.B Duke University
ACE Network: A longitudinal MRI study of infants at risk for autism Piven, Joseph Q1.L.A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Administrative Core Piven, Joseph Q7.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill