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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Contingency analyses of observing and attending in intellectual disabilities Dube, William Q4.S.G University of Massachusetts Medical School
Contingency manipulation in discrete trial interventions for children with autism Jones, Brent Q4.Other University of Massachusetts Medical School
Conventional vs. mindfulness intervention in parents of children with disabilities Dykens, Elisabeth Q5.Other Vanderbilt University
Core A: Administrative Services Dykens, Elisabeth Q7.Other Vanderbilt University
Core B: Outreach and Translation Hansen, Robin Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core C: Analytical Core Hammock, Bruce Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core D: Molecular Genomics Core Sharp, Frank Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core E: Participant Recruitment & Assessment Services Dykens, Elisabeth Q7.Other Vanderbilt University
Core E: Statistical Analysis Core Beckett, Laurel Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Cortical circuit changes and mechanisms in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome Gibson, Jay Q2.S.D University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
CPEA Data Coordinating Center (supplement) Dukes, Kimberly Q7.Other DM-Stat, Inc.
CRCNS: Ontology-based multi-scale integration of the autism phenome Das, Amarendra Q7.O Stanford University
Deep sequencing of autism candidate genes in 2000 families from the Simons Simplex Collection Wigler, Michael; McCombie, William Q3.S.A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Defining the dynamics of the default network with direct brain recordings and functional MRI Weaver, Kurt Q2.Other University of Washington
Delayed motor learning in autism Dizio, Paul Q4.Other Brandeis University
Dense mapping of candidate regions linked to autistic disorder Gregersen, Peter Q3.L.B Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
Design & synthesis of novel CNS-active oxytocin and vasopressin receptor ligands Roberts, Edward Q4.Other The Scripps Research Institute
Developmental characteristics of MRI diffusion tensor pathway changes in autism Conturo, Thomas Q1.L.A Washington University
Developmental processes, trajectories, and outcomes in autism Volkmar, Fred Q1.L.C Yale University
Developmental social neuroscience in infants at-risk for autism McPartland, James Q1.L.C Yale University
Development of a brief screener for research in autism spectrum disorders Lord, Catherine Q1.S.A University of Michigan
Development of an executive function-based intervention for autism spectrum disorder Anthony, Laura; Kenworthy, Lauren Q4.Other Children's Research Institute
Development of face processing expertise Lee, Kang Q2.Other University of Toronto
Development of face processing in infants with autism spectrum disorders Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.B Yale University
Development of intermodal perception of social events: Infancy to childhood Bahrick, Lorraine Q1.L.C Florida International University