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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Infants at risk of autism: A longitudinal study Ozonoff, Sally Q1.L.A University of California, Davis
ACE Center: The pharmacogenetics of treatment for insistence sameness in autism Owley, Thomas Q4.L.A University of Illinois at Chicago
Role of L-type calcium channels in hippocampal neuronal network activity Owen, Scott Q4.S.B Stanford University
Treatment as usual and peer engagement in teens with high functioning autism Orlich, Felice Q6.L.C Seattle Children's Hospital
The development of object representation in infancy Oakes, Lisa Q2.Other University of California, Davis
Development of ventral stream organization O'Hearn, Kirsten Q2.Other University of Pittsburgh
Analyses of brain structure and connectivity in young children with autism Nordahl, Christine Q1.L.B University of California, Davis
National Database on Autism Research (NDAR) No PI listed Q7.H Center For Information Technology
ACE Network: Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) network Newschaffer, Craig Q3.L.A Drexel University
Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) network (supplement) Newschaffer, Craig Q3.L.A Drexel University
The development of face processing Nelson, Charles Q2.Other Children's Hospital Boston
Mitochondria and Autism 2010 Naviaux, Robert Q7.K University of California, San Diego
Office of the Scientific Director Nakamura, Richard Q7.Other National Institutes of Health
Language development and outcome in children with autism Naigles, Letitia Q1.L.C University of Connecticut
Amygdala structure & biochemistry in adolescents with autism Nacewicz, Brendon Q1.L.B University of Wisconsin - Madison
International Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Research Training Program Munir, Kerim Q7.K Children's Hospital Boston
Mental Health/Disabilities (MHDD) Research Education Program Munir, Kerim Q7.K Children's Hospital Boston
Virtual reality and augmented social training for autism Mundy, Peter Q4.Other University of California, Davis
Cell adhesion molecules in CNS development Mueller, Ulrich Q2.Other The Scripps Research Institute
Linking local activity and functional connectivity in autism Mueller, Ralph-Axel Q2.Other San Diego State University
Characterization of a novel mouse model of restricted repetitive behaviors Moy, Sheryl Q4.S.B University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Motor skill learning in autism Mostofsky, Stewart Q2.Other Kennedy Krieger Institute
Motor control and cerebellar maturation in autism Mosconi, Matthew Q2.Other University of Illinois at Chicago
Genetic investigation of cognitive development in autistic spectrum disorders Morrow, Eric Q3.L.B Brown University
Neuroimaging of social perception Morris, James Q2.Other University of Virginia