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Fiscal Year: 2008

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Neuronal nicotonic receptor modulation in the treatment of autism: A pilot trial of mecamylamine Arnold, L. Eugene Q4.8 The Ohio State University
Maternal risk factors for autism in the Nurses Health Study II – pilot study Ascherio, Alberto Q3.6 Harvard School of Public Health
Attention to social and nonsocial events in children with autism Bahrick, Lorraine Q1.2 Florida International University
Early intervention for children screened positive for autism by the first year inventory Baranek, Grace Q4.3 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Architecture of myelinated axons linking frontal cortical areas Barbas, Helen Q2.Other Boston University
Investigation of cortical folding complexity in children with autism, their autism-discordant siblings, and controls Barnea-Goraly, Naama Q2.5 Stanford University
Relation of sleep epileptiform discharges to insomnia and daytime behavior Barnes, Gregory Q2.Other Vanderbilt University
Differential effects of thimerosal on cell division and apoptosis in normal vs. autism spectrum disorder cell lines Baskin, David Q3.1 The Methodist Hospital Houston
Understanding perception and action in autism Bastian, Amy Q2.5 Kennedy Krieger Institute
DNA methylation and other epigenetic studies of autism brain Beaudet, Arthur Q3.Other Baylor College of Medicine
Enhancing social functioning among adolescents with Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism Beidel, Deborah Q4.4 Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Video game environments for the integrative study of perception, attention and social cognition in autism and autism sibs Belmonte, Matthew Q1.2 Cornell University
Assessing information processing and capacity for understanding language in non-verbal children with autism Benasich, April; Valerie Schafer Q2.5 Rutgers University; City University of New York
Neural basis of audiovisual integration during language comprehension in autism Bennetto, Loisa Q2.5 University of Rochester
Safety and efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine for autism spectrum disorders Bent, Stephen Q4.6 University of California, San Francisco
Imitation in autism Bolton, Patrick Q1.4 King's College, London
Past, present and future-oriented thinking about the self in children with ASD Bowler, Dermot Q2.5 City University, London
Multi-registry analyses - data management core Bresnahan, Michaeline Q3.9 Columbia University
Enhancing inter-subjectivity in infants at high-risk for autism Bryson, Susan Q4.3 IWK Health Centre/Dalhousie University
The early identification of temperament endophenotypes in ASD Bryson, Susan Q1.4 Dalhousie University
Genetic studies of autism susceptibility Brzustowicz, Linda Q3.8 Rutgers University
Pathway-based genetic studies of autism spectrum disorder Bucan, Maja Q2.Other University of Pennsylvania
Genetic and epigenetic interactions in a mouse model for autism Carpenter, Ellen Q3.Other David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles
A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study of fatty acid supplementation in autism Carpenter, Laura Q4.8 Medical University of South Carolina
A multi-site clinical randomized trial of the Hanen More Than Words intervention Carter, Alice Q4.4 University of Massachusetts Boston