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Fiscal Year: 2009

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Related services intervention for expressive and receptive language skills in autism spectrum disorder and in cognitive impairment Camarata, Steven Q4.Other Vanderbilt University
Improving social-communication, literacy, and adaptive behaviors for young children with autism spectrum disorders Kamps, Debra Q4.S.F University of Kansas
Developing a 3D-based virtual learning environment for use in schools to enhance the social competence of youth with autism spectrum disorder Laffey, James Q4.Other University of Missouri
Efficacy and sustainability of the STAR program Mandell, David Q4.S.F University of Pennsylvania
Comparison of two comprehensive treatment models for preschool-aged children with autism spectrum disorders and their families Odom, Samuel Q4.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Translating pivotal response training into classroom environments Stahmer, Aubyn Q4.Other Rady Children's Hospital Health Center
Developing a school-based Social Competence Intervention (SCI) Sticher, Janine Q4.Other University of Missouri
Leap - USA (Using Science-Based Approaches) Strain, Philip Q4.S.F University of Colorado Denver
Development of an intervention to enhance the social competencies of children with Asperger's/high functioning autism spectrum disorders Volker, Martin Q4.Other State University of New York, Buffalo
Social communication and symbolic play intervention for preschoolers with autism Watson, Linda Q4.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Comprehensive autism program using Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research Young, Helen Q4.S.F Portland State University