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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Modeling and pharmacologic treatment of autism spectrum disorders in Drosophila McDonald, Thomas Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Neurobiological correlates of language dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders Lewine, Jeffrey Alexian Brothers Medical Center
Tibial bone lead levels Boris, Marvin Autism Associates of New York
Urinary assay for HPL McGinnis, Woody Autism House
Plasticity in autism spectrum disorders: Magnetic stimulation studies Oberman, Lindsay Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The effects of Npas4 and Sema4d on inhibitory synapse formation Greenberg, Michael Boston Children's Hospital
Visual system connectivity in a high-risk model of autism Sahin, Mustafa Boston Children's Hospital
The development of face processing Nelson, Charles Boston Children's Hospital
Cognitive neuroscience -3 Nelson, Charles Boston Children's Hospital
Architecture of myelinated axons linking frontal cortical areas Barbas, Helen Boston University
The neural substrates of repetitive behaviors in autism Dominick, Kelli Boston University Medical Campus
Autism: The neural substrates of language in siblings Lindgren, Kristen Boston University Medical Campus
Neural substrates of gaze and face processing in autism Joseph, Robert Boston University Medical Campus
Cognitive neuroscience - 2 Tager-Flusberg, Helen Boston University School of Medicine
Towards an endophenotype for amygdala dysfunction Adolphs, Ralph California Institute of Technology
Testing neurological models of autism Adolphs, Ralph California Institute of Technology
Functional neuroimaging of children with autism - 06 Pelphrey, Kevin Carnegie Mellon University
Description and assessment of sensory abnormalities in ASD Dixon, Dennis Center for Autism and Related Disorders
Presence of clostridia in children with and without ASD Dixon, Dennis Center for Autism and Related Disorders
Evaluation of sleep disturbance in children with ASD Dixon, Dennis Center for Autism and Related Disorders
The fusiform and amygalda in the pathobiology of autism Schultz, Robert Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
GABRBeta3 expression variation and the autism spectrum Herzing, Laura Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
Neural circuit deficits in animal models of Rett syndrome Xiong, Qiaojie Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Analysis of cortical circuits related to ASD gene candidates Zador, Anthony Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
BDNF secretion and neural precursor migration Zhao, Xuesong Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Objective Multiyear Funding Table

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Not specific to any objective (Core/Other Activities) 2.Core/Other Activities
133 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
163 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
246 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
228 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
261 projects