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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Towards an endophenotype for amygdala dysfunction Adolphs, Ralph California Institute of Technology
Testing neurological models of autism Adolphs, Ralph California Institute of Technology
Chromatin alterations in Rett syndrome Akbarian, Schahram University of Massachusetts Medical School
Cerebellar anatomic and functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders Allen, Greg University of Texas at Austin
Brain glutamate concentrations in autistic adolescents by MRS Anagnostou, Athanasius Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Development behavioral & neurophysiological measures for early autism diagnosis Bachevalier, Jocelyne Emory University
Functional MRI method development Bandettini, Peter National Institutes of Health
Architecture of myelinated axons linking frontal cortical areas Barbas, Helen Boston University
Relation of sleep epileptiform discharges to insomnia and daytime behavior Barnes, Gregory Vanderbilt University
Social and affective components of communication Bellugi, Ursula Salk Institute For Biological Studies
Engrailed and the control of synaptic circuitry in Drosophila Blagburn, Jonathan University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences
The imaging core Bookheimer, Susan University of California, Los Angeles
Tibial bone lead levels Boris, Marvin Autism Associates of New York
Pathway-based genetic studies of autism spectrum disorder Bucan, Maja University of Pennsylvania
Mental health conferences: Comparative & primate studies Cameron, Judy University of Pittsburgh
Exploring the role of synaptic proteins in mouse models of autism Chait, Brian The Rockefeller University
Attentional abnormalities in autism: An electronphysiological study of the basal forebrain and central nucleus of the amygdala Chiba, Andrew University of California, San Diego
Statistics and research design core Cicchetti, Domenick Yale University
Molecular basis of autism associated with human adenylosuccinate lyase gene defects Colman, Roberta University of Delaware
Neuroligins and neurexins as autism candidate genes: Study of their association in synaptic connectivity Comoletti, Davide University of California, San Diego
Brain circuitry in simplex autism Constantino, John Washington University in St. Louis
Diffusion tensor MRI + histopathology of brain microstructure + fiber pathways Conturo, Thomas University of Pittsburgh
The role of the amygdala in autism Corbett, Blythe University of California, Davis
FMRI studies of neural dysfunction in autistic toddlers Courchesne, Eric University of California, San Diego
Structural and chemical brain imaging of autism Dager, Stephen University of Washington

Objective Multiyear Funding Table

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Not specific to any objective (Core/Other Activities) 2.Core/Other Activities
133 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
163 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
246 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
228 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
261 projects