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Question 1: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

1O. Not specific to Question 1 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Interactions between mothers and young children with ASD: Associations with maternal and child characteristics Oppenheim, David University of Haifa
Novel data capture and assessment technology for behavior disorders Oberleitner, Ronald Emerge Medical Technologies, LLC
Pilot project to assess web-based family recruitment for autism genetics studies Nelson, Stan; Constantino, John; Law, Paul University of California, Los Angeles; Washington University in St. Louis; Kennedy Krieger Institute
Language development and outcome in children with autism Naigles, Letitia University of Connecticut
A large scale, two phase study to estimate prevalence, and raise awareness, about autism spectrum conditions in India Mukerji, Shaneel Action for Autism/Creating Connections
Multimodal analyses of face processing in autism & Down syndrome Mitchell, Teresa University of Massachusetts Medical School
Subject assessment and recruitment core Minshew, Nancy University of Pittsburgh
Predicting outcome at age 5 of younger siblings of children with ASD Malesa, Elizabeth Vanderbilt University
An investigation of neuropsychological endophenotypes in autism and fragile X Losh, Molly University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Longitudinal studies of autism spectrum disorders: 2 to 23 Lord, Catherine University of Michigan
Assessment core -2 Leventhal, Bennett University of Illinois at Chicago
Quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorders and their parents Kuhlthau, Karen Massachusetts General Hospital
A study of autism Krieger, Abba University of Pennsylvania
The ontogeny of social visual engagement in infants at risk for autism Klin, Ami Yale University
Assessment core - 1 Klin, Ami Yale University
Eye-tracking studies of social engagement Klin, Ami Yale University
Autism spectrum disorder in Down syndrome: A model of repetitive and stereotypic behavior for idiopathic ASD Kaufmann, Walter Kennedy Krieger Institute
KZN autism study Kauchali, Shuaib University of KwaZulu-Natal
Early identification of autism: A prospective study Iverson, Jana University of Pittsburgh
Audiovisual speech integration in children with ASD Irwin, Julia Haskins Laboratories, Inc.
Motivation, self-monitoring, & family process in autism Henderson, Heather University of Miami
Baby sibs Halladay, Alicia Autism Speaks
A twin study of autism spectrum disorder Goldsmith, Harold University of Wisconsin - Madison
Reward system in autism Goldberg, Melissa Kennedy Krieger Institute
Early language development within the autism spectrum Ellis-Weismer, Susan University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Not specific to any objective (Core/Other Activities) 1.Core/Other Activities
63 projects

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37 projects

1.Core/Other Activities
18 projects

1.Core/Other Activities
16 projects

1.Core/Other Activities
13 projects