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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Neurocognitive basis of language processing in autism Williams, Diane Duquesne University
Neural mechanisms of social cognition and bonding - AS Young, Larry Emory University
Development behavioral & neurophysiological measures for early autism diagnosis Bachevalier, Jocelyne Emory University
Neural mechanisms of social cognition and bonding - NIH Young, Larry Emory University
Gaba(A) receptor modulation via the beta subunit Jenkins, Andrew Emory University
Chemosensory processing in chemical communication Meredith, Michael Florida State University
A model-based investigation of face processing in autism Riesenhuber, Maximilian Georgetown University
Using genetically modified mice to explore the neuronal network involved in social recognition Wagner, Schlomo Haifa University
Motor skill learning in autism Mostofsky, Stewart Kennedy Krieger Institute
Cognitive neuroscience - 4 Kenet, Tal Massachusetts General Hospital
Role of Pam in synaptic morphology and function Ramesh, Vijaya Massachusetts General Hospital
Multimodal neuroimaging of white matter in autism Herbert, Martha Massachusetts General Hospital
An adult brain-specific mouse model of neuronal TSC inactivation Kelleher, Raymond Massachusetts General Hospital
Coherence and temporal dynamics in auditory cortex of children with autism Kenet, Tal Massachusetts General Hospital
The mirror neuron system in the monkey and its role in action understanding Vanduffel, Wim Massachusetts General Hospital
Cognitive neuroscience - 1 Gabrieli, John Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Imaging synaptic neurexin-neuroligin complexes by proximity biotinylation: Applications to the molecular pathogenesis of autism Thyagarajan, Amar Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Are neuronal defects in the cerebral cortex linked to autism? Shi, Song-Hai Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Brain glutamate concentrations in autistic adolescents by MRS Anagnostou, Athanasius Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Anterior cingulate and fronto-insular related brain networks in autism Fan, Jin Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Functional MRI method development Bandettini, Peter National Institutes of Health
Anatomical connectivity in the autistic brain Lazar, Mariana New York University School of Medicine
Role of neuroligin in synapse stability Rand, James Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Epstein-Barr virus research Dahlstrom, Anders Pediatric Gastrointestinal Association
Multisensory integration of faces and voices in the primate temporal lobe Ghazanfar, Asif Princeton University

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133 projects

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246 projects

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227 projects

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260 projects