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Question 2: Short-term Objective G  

Fiscal Year: 2010

Green dot: Objective has greater than or equal to the recommended funding.2SG. Support five studies that associate specific genotypes with functional or structural phenotypes, including behavioral and medical phenotypes (e.g., nonverbal individuals with ASD and those with cognitive impairments) by 2015. IACC Recommended Budget: $22,600,000 over 5 years.

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
The genetic link between autism and structural cerebellar malformations Millen, Kathleen University of Chicago
Neural correlates of serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms and social impairment in ASD Monk, Christopher University of Michigan
Language processing in children with 22q11 deletion syndrome and autism Ousley, Opal Emory University
Longitudinal neurogenetics of atypical social brain development in autism Pelphrey, Kevin Yale University
Neural circuitry of social cognition in the broad autism phenotype Piven, Joseph University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Social cognition in 22q11.2 deletion syndrom (DS) adolescents with ASD vs. without ASD: Imaging and genetic correlates Radoeva, Petya State University of New York Upstate Medical University
Neural correlates of restricted, repetitive behaviors in autism spectrum disorders Santangelo, Susan Massachusetts General Hospital
Relating copy number variants to head and brain size in neuropsychiatric disorders Sebat, Jonathan University of California, San Diego
Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) Core Leader Gift Sherr, Elliott University of California, San Francisco
Neurogenic growth factors in autism Vaccarino, Flora Yale University
Characterizing the genetic systems of autism through multi-disease analysis Wall, Dennis Harvard Medical School
Social processing, language, and executive functioning in twin pairs: Electrophysiological and behavioral endophenotypes Webb, Sara University of Washington
ACE Center: Genetic contributions to endophenotypes of autism Wijsman, Ellen University of Washington
Functional imaging of flexibility in autism: Informed by SLC6A4 Yerys, Benjamin Children's Research Institute