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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Imaging the autistic brain before it knows it has autism Pierce, Karen University of California, San Diego
Development of neural pathways in infants at risk for autism spectrum disorders Dobkins, Karen University of California, San Diego
FMRI studies of neural dysfunction in autistic toddlers Courchesne, Eric University of California, San Diego
Biomedical informatics research network: National Database for Autism Research Ellisman, Mark University of California, San Diego
Roles of Wnt signaling/scaffolding molecules in autism Okerlund, Nathan University of California, San Francisco
Magnetic source imaging and sensory behavioral characterization in autism Marco, Elysa University of California, San Francisco
Molecular basis of autism associated with human adenylosuccinate lyase gene defects Colman, Roberta University of Delaware
Neurobiology of spatial reversal learning Watson, Deborah University of Delaware
Emotional mimicry in children with autism Moody, Eric University of Denver
The genetics of restricted, repetitive behavior: An inbred mouse model Lewis, Mark University of Florida
Cognitive affective and neurochemical processes underlying is in autism Sweeney, John University of Illinois at Chicago
Functional neuroanatomy of developmental changes in face processing Joseph, Jane University of Kentucky
The effect of interneuron loss on minicolumn structure Seelan, Ratnam University of Louisville
Etiology of sleep disorders in ASD: Role of inflammatory cytokines Mong, Jessica University of Maryland, Baltimore
Chromatin alterations in Rett syndrome Akbarian, Schahram University of Massachusetts Medical School
Cognitive control and social engagement among younger siblings of children with autism Mohapatra, Leena University of Miami
MRI measures of neural connectivity in Asperger's disorder Peltier, Scott University of Michigan
GABAergic dysfunction in autism Fatemi, Seyyed University of Minnesota
Serotonin, corpus callosum, and autism Lin, Rick University of Mississippi Medical Center
NrCAM, a candidate susceptibility gene for visual processing deficits in autism Maness, Patricia University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sex differences in early brain development; Brain development in Turner Syndrome Knickmeyer, Rebecca University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Maternal responsivity and the development of children with FXS Warren, Steven University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Neuropharmacology of motivation and reinforcement in mouse models of autistic spectrum disorders Malanga, C.J. University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Pathway-based genetic studies of autism spectrum disorder Bucan, Maja University of Pennsylvania
Disturbances of affective contact: Development of brain mechanisms for emotion Pelphrey, Kevin University of Pittsburgh

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