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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2008

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Etiology of sleep disorders in ASD: Role of inflammatory cytokines Mong, Jessica University of Maryland, Baltimore
Emotional mimicry in children with autism Moody, Eric University of Denver
Social behavior deficits in autism: Role of amygdala Mooney, Sandra State University of New York Upstate Medical Center
Neuroimaging of social perception Morris, James Yale University
Training in pediatric neurology Moshe, Solomon Yeshiva University
Motor skill learning in autism Mostofsky, Stewart Kennedy Krieger Institute
Psychophysiological approaches to the study of autism Murias, Michael; Dawson, Geraldine University of Washington
Amygdala structure & biochemistry in adolescents with autism Nacewicz, Brendon University of Wisconsin - Madison
Cognitive neuroscience -3 Nelson, Charles Boston Children's Hospital
The development of face processing Nelson, Charles Boston Children's Hospital
Social attention in normal and autistic individuals New, Joshua Yale University
Vulnerability phenotypes and susceptibility to environmental toxicants: From organism to mechanism Noble, Mark University of Rochester
Plasticity in autism spectrum disorders: Magnetic stimulation studies Oberman, Lindsay Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Roles of Wnt signaling/scaffolding molecules in autism Okerlund, Nathan University of California, San Francisco
Maternal infection and autism: Impact of placental sufficiency and maternal inflammatory responses on fetal brain development Palmer, Theo Stanford University
Functional neuroimaging of children with autism - 06 Pelphrey, Kevin Carnegie Mellon University
Disturbances of affective contact: Development of brain mechanisms for emotion Pelphrey, Kevin University of Pittsburgh
MRI measures of neural connectivity in Asperger's disorder Peltier, Scott University of Michigan
Identification and functional characterization of gene variants Persico, Antonio Universita Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Imaging the autistic brain before it knows it has autism Pierce, Karen University of California, San Diego
Studying the biology and behavior of autism at 1-year: The well-baby check-up appointment Pierce, Karen University of California, San Diego
Animal models of autism: Pathogenesis and treatment Powell, Craig University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
The neural basis of social cognition Puce, Aina West Virginia University
Consequences of maternal antigen exposure on offspring immunity: An animal model of vertical tolerance Rall, Glenn The Fox Chase Cancer Center
Role of Pam in synaptic morphology and function Ramesh, Vijaya Massachusetts General Hospital

Objective Multiyear Funding Table

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Not specific to any objective (Core/Other Activities) 2.Core/Other Activities
133 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
163 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
246 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
228 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
261 projects