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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2009

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Electrical measures of functional cortical connectivity in autism Murias, Michael University of Washington
Psychophysiological approaches to the study of autism Murias, Michael University of Washington
The development of object representation in infancy Oakes, Lisa Regents of University of California
Roles of Wnt signaling/scaffolding molecules in autism Okerlund, Nathan University of California, San Francisco
ACE Center: Disturbances of affective contact: Development of brain mechanisms for emotion (supplement) Pelphrey, Kevin University of Pittsburgh
ACE Center: Disturbances of affective contact: Development of brain mechanisms for emotion Pelphrey, Kevin University of Pittsburgh
MRI measures of neural connectivity in Asperger's disorder Peltier, Scott University of Michigan
Brain circuitry in simplex autism Petersen, Steven Washington University in St. Louis
Identifying brain-based biomarkers for ASD & their biological subtypes Peterson, Bradley New York State Psychiatric Institute
ACE Center: Imaging the autistic brain before it knows it has autism Pierce, Karen University of California, San Diego
Wiring the brain: From genetic to neuronal networks Polleux, Franck University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
High-resolution diffusion tensor imaging in mouse models relevant to autism Poptani, Harish University of Pennsylvania
Longitudinal neurodevelopment of auditory and language cortex in autism Prigge, Molly Beth Dubray University of Utah
Behavioral pilot for an imaging study of social attention deficits in autism Pruett, John Washington University in St. Louis
The neural basis of social cognition Puce, Aina Indiana University
Precursors of theory of mind in young children with autism Rakison, David Carnegie Mellon University
Role of Pam in synaptic morphology and function Ramesh, Vijaya Massachusetts General Hospital
Role of neuroligin in synapse stability Rand, James Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Neural substrate of language and social cognition: Autism and typical development Redcay, Elizabeth Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cortical complexity in children with autism, unaffected siblings, and controls Reiss, Allan Stanford University
A microdevice for immune profiling of children with autism Revzin, Alexander University of California, Davis
A model-based investigation of face processing in autism Riesenhuber, Maximilian Georgetown University
Psychophysiological mechanisms of emotion expression Robins, Diana Georgia State University
Gamma band dysfunction as a local neuronal connectivity endophenotype in autism Rojas, Donald University of Colorado Denver
Regulation of activity-dependent ProSAP2 synaptic dynamics Rowan, Magali Stanford University

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133 projects

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246 projects

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228 projects

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261 projects