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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2010

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Multimodal brain imaging in autism spectrum disorders Kleinhans, Natalia University of Washington
Multiple systems in theory of mind development Leslie, Alan Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick
Multisensory processing in autism Essick, Gregory University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Neural bases of semantic interpretation Pylkkanen, Liina New York University
Neural basis for the production and perception of prosody Aziz-Zadeh, Lisa University of Southern California
Neural basis of audiovisual integration during language comprehension in autism Bennetto, Loisa University of Rochester
Neural basis of behavioral flexibility Weiss, Klaudiusz; Cropper, Elizabeth Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Neural basis of cross-modal influences on perception Hillyard, Steven University of California, San Diego
Neural basis of empathy and its dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Platt, Michael Duke University
Neural basis of socially driven attention in children with autism Greene, Deanna University of California, Los Angeles
Neural correlates of maturation of face processing Grill-Spector, Kalanit Stanford University
Neural correlates of social exchange and valuation in autism Montague, P. Read Baylor College of Medicine
Neural mechanisms for social cognition in autism spectrum disorders Saxe, Rebecca Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neural mechanisms of tactile sensation in rodent somatosensory cortex Feldman, Daniel University of California, Berkeley
Neural mechanisms underlying an extended multisensory temporal binding window in ASD Foss-Feig, Jennifer Vanderbilt University
Neural substrate of language and social cognition: Autism and typical development Redcay, Elizabeth Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neural synchrony dysfunction of gamma oscillations in autism Rojas, Donald University of Colorado Denver
Neural systems for the extraction of socially-relevant information from faces Haxby, James Dartmouth College
Neurexin-neuroligin trans-synaptic interaction in learning and memory Kandel, Eric Columbia University
Neurexin-neuroligin trans-synaptic interaction in learning and memory Kandel, Eric Columbia University
Neurobiological correlates of language dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders Lewine, Jeffrey The Mind Research Network
Neurobiological mechanisms of insistence on sameness in autism D'Cruz, Anna-Maria University of Illinois at Chicago
Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying children's theory of mind development Liu, David University of California, San Diego
Neurodevelopmental mechanisms of social behavior Levitt, Pat University of Southern California
Neuroimaging of social perception Morris, James University of Virginia

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133 projects

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163 projects

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246 projects

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228 projects

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261 projects