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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2010

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Cellular characterization of Caspr2 Comoletti, Davide University of California, San Diego
Cell type-based genomics of developmental plasticity in cortical GABA interneurons Huang, Z. Josh Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cell adhesion molecules in CNS development Mueller, Ulrich The Scripps Research Institute
CDI-TYPE II: From language to neural representations of meaning Mitchell, Tom Carnegie Mellon University
CAREER: Typical and atypical development of brain regions for theory of mind Saxe, Rebecca Massachusetts Institute of Technology
CAREER: The role of prosody in word segmentation and lexical access Dilley, Laura Michigan State University
CAREER: The neuro-cognitive evolution of speech-reading Ghazanfar, Asif Princeton University
CAREER: Model-based fMRI of human object recognition Riesenhuber, Maximilian Georgetown University
CAREER: Integrative behavioural and neurophysiological studies of normal and autistic cognition using video game environments Robertson, Steven Cornell University
CAREER: Enabling community-scale modeling of human behavior and its application to healthcare Choudhury, Tanzeem Dartmouth College
CAREER: Dissecting the neural mechanisms for face detection Tsao, Doris California Institute of Technology
Canonical neural computation in autism spectrum disorders Heeger, David New York University
Brain lipid rafts in cholesterol biosynthesis disorders Yu, Hongwei Medical College of Wisconsin
Brain circuitry in simplex autism Petersen, Steven Washington University in St. Louis
Behavioral and sensory evaluation of auditory discrimination in autism Serna, Richard University of Massachusetts Medical School
Behavioral and neural processing of faces and expressions in nonhuman primates (supplement) Parr, Lisa Emory University
Behavioral and neural processing of faces and expressions in nonhuman primates Parr, Lisa Emory University
Behavioral and functional neuroimaging investigations of visual perception and cognition in autistics Mottron, Laurent Université de Montréal
BDNF secretion and neural precursor migration Zhao, Xuesong Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Autistic endophenotypes and their associations to oxytocin and cholesterol Silverman, Jeremy Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Autism spectrum disorders and the visual analysis of human motion Shiffrar, Maggie Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Autism-specific mutation in DACT1: Impact on brain development in a mouse model Cheyette, Benjamin University of California, San Francisco
Autism and the insula: Genomic and neural circuits Allman, John California Institute of Technology
Atypical late neurodevelopment in autism: A longitudinal MRI and DTI study Lainhart, Janet University of Utah
Attentional distribution and word learning in children with autism Tenenbaum, Elena Brown University

Objective Multiyear Funding Table

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Not specific to any objective (Core/Other Activities) 2.Core/Other Activities
133 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
163 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
246 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
228 projects

2.Core/Other Activities
261 projects