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Question 2: Other  

Fiscal Year: 2010

2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives

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Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Cognitive control in autism Solomon, Marjorie University of California, Davis
The neural basis of early action perception Sommerville, Jessica University of Washington
ACE Center: Neuroimaging studies of connectivity in ASD Staib, Lawrence Yale University
Structural brain differences between autistic and typically-developing siblings Steinman, Kyle Stanford University
Phonological processing in the autism spectrum Stewart, Mary Heriot-Watt University
ACE Center: Development of categorization, facial knowledge in low & high functioning autism Strauss, Mark University of Pittsburgh
Role of neuronal migration genes in synaptogenesis and plasticity Sudarov, Anamaria Weill Cornell Medical College
Function and dysfunction of neuroligins in synaptic circuits Sudhof, Thomas Stanford University
Function of neurexins Sudhof, Thomas Stanford University
A systematic test of the relation of ASD heterogeneity to synaptic function Sudhof, Thomas; Malenka, Robert Stanford University
ACE Center: Cognitive affective and neurochemical processes underlying is in autism Sweeney, John University of Illinois at Chicago
Using functional physiology to uncover the fundamental principles of visual cortex Tarr, Michael Carnegie Mellon University
Kinetics of drug macromolecule complex formation Taylor, Palmer University of California, San Diego
Attentional distribution and word learning in children with autism Tenenbaum, Elena Brown University
Cognitive mechanisms of serially organized behavior (supplement) Terrace, Herbert Columbia University
Cognitive mechanisms of serially organized behavior Terrace, Herbert Columbia University
Imaging synaptic neurexin-neuroligin complexes by proximity biotinylation: Applications to the molecular pathogenesis of autism Thyagarajan, Amar Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Imaging brain and movement in ASD Townsend, Jeanne University of California, San Diego
Imaging PTEN-induced changes in adult cortical structure and function in vivo Trachtenberg, Joshua University of California, Los Angeles
Regulation of synaptogenesis by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 Tsai, Li-Huei Massachusetts Institute of Technology
CAREER: Dissecting the neural mechanisms for face detection Tsao, Doris California Institute of Technology
Structural and functional connectivity of large-scale brain networks in autism spectrum disorders Uddin, Lucina Stanford University
Role of micro-RNAs in ASD affected circuit formation and function Ullian, Erik University of California, San Francisco
Functional anatomy of face processing in the primate brain Ungerleider, Leslie National Institutes of Health
Morphogenesis and function of the cerebral cortex Vaccarino, Flora Yale University

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261 projects