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Core B: Outreach and Translation  

The Community Outreach and Translation Core (COTC) serves as a centralized resource for the Center for Children's Environmental Health (CCEH) at the University of California-Davis. It is one of five Facility Cores that support three interrelated hypothesis-based research projects to understand the complex web of etiologic factors that contribute to autism. The COTC has two distinct and interrelated objectives. The first objective is to coordinate and implement an efficient and highly effective clinical interface between CCEH investigators and study participants. The second objective of the COTC is to translate scientific findings emerging from CCEH research into simplified text and presentations in both English and Spanish that are more easily understood by study participants, community partners, clinicians, state officials, and the general public. Project Status


Funder National Institutes of Health
Fiscal Year Funding $84,728.00
Project Number 5P01ES011269-09
Principal Investigator Hansen, Robin
Received ARRA Funding? No
Strategic Plan Question Question 3: What Caused This To Happen And Can This Be Prevented? (Risk Factors)
Strategic Plan Objective 3O. Not specific to Question 3 objectives
Federal or Private? Federal
Institution University of California, Davis
State/Country California
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Web Link 2 No URL available.
Web Link 3 No URL available.
History/Related Projects Core B: Outreach and Translation | $108,000.00 | 2010 | 5P01ES011269-10
Core B: Outreach and translation | $85,017.00 | 2008 | P01ES011269-08