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fMRI studies of neural dysfunction in autistic toddlers  

This study will conduct functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies of the 30-month-old autistic toddler's neural responses to social and non- social, emotional and emotionally-neutral, and speech and non-speech sounds as well as to basic visual stimuli. The comparison groups will be mental age matched (18-month-old) and chronological age matched (30-month-old) typically developing toddlers. Each typically developing child will be imaged at both ages; this longitudinal design will allow exploration of typical functional development, itself a nascent field of knowledge. These studies will be among the first to pinpoint functional deficits in the autistic brain as close as possible to the onset of clinical symptoms. Project Status


Funder National Institutes of Health
Fiscal Year Funding $582,409.00
Current Award Period 2007-2012
Project Number 5R01MH036840-23
Principal Investigator Courchesne, Eric
Received ARRA Funding? No
Strategic Plan Question Question 2: How Can I Understand What Is Happening? (Biology)
Subcategory Neural Systems
Strategic Plan Objective 2O. Not specific to Question 2 objectives
Federal or Private? Federal
Institution University of California, San Diego
State/Country California
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