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Altering motivational variables to treat stereotyped behavior  

The present study will test the efficacy of several possible methods of decreasing the motivations for stereotypic behaviors. Researchers will determine whether access to highly valued toys or objects can decrease stereotypy, and if these decreases continue after toys are removed. They will also evaluate whether stereotypy is lower after individuals are permitted to engage in stereotypic behaviors for an extended period of time. Finally, they will test the hypothesis that systematically pairing a specific stimulus with periods of low motivation to engage in stereotypy can result in the stimulus acquiring motivating properties, so that after a training period, presentation of the stimulus would decrease the motivation towards stereotypy. This research may provide new methods of decreasing stereotypic behaviors in children with ASD, which could be used by teachers or parents during critical training periods in order to minimize interference from these behaviors. Project Status


Funder Autism Speaks
Fiscal Year Funding $0.00
Current Award Period 2008-2010
Project Number 2852
Principal Investigator Rapp, John
Received ARRA Funding? No
Strategic Plan Question Question 4: Which Treatments And Interventions Will Help? (Treatments)
Subcategory Behavioral
Strategic Plan Objective 4O. Not specific to Question 4 objectives
Federal or Private? Private
Institution St. Cloud State University
State/Country Minnesota
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