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Texas Educators for Students with Autism (TESA)  

This project will support 28 students who will receive advanced training in autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA), specialized knowledge and strategies rarely offered in special education pre-service training. The goal is to increase the number of educators who are highly skilled in autism and ABA. Project activities include: (a) recruiting from three target groups (second career individuals with Baccalaureate degrees who may be private ABA providers, regular education teachers who are working with students with autism, and generally certified special education teachers who want to specialize in this field; (b) select candidates based on potential for success and commitment to working with students with autism in public school settings; (c) prepare these scholars according to Council for Exceptional Children and Behavior Analyst Certification Board standards to serve students (3-21) with autism; and (d) support these students during their training and their first year teaching students with autism. The program will culminate in a Master's degree in special education with a concentration in autism and ABA and a companion Texas State University certificate in autism and ABA. Project Status


Funder Department of Education
Fiscal Year Funding $153,451.00
Current Award Period 2009-2013
Project Number H325K090403
Principal Investigator Webber, Jo
Received ARRA Funding? No
Strategic Plan Question Question 5: Where Can I Turn For Services? (Services)
Subcategory Practitioner Training
Strategic Plan Objective 5O. Not specific to Question 5 objectives
Federal or Private? Federal
Institution Texas State University-San Marcos
State/Country Texas
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