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Novel pharmacological strategies in autism  

The long-term objective of this application is to improve the pharmacotherapy of autism by developing safer and more efficacious novel drug treatment strategies. Autism is a major public health concern in the U.S. and throughout the world. The cost of the disability is estimated to be in the range of $30 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Despite an improved ability to reduce the aggression, self-injurious behavior (SlB) and irritability that often occur with autism, existing drug treatments are associated with significant adverse effects.


Funder National Institutes of Health
Fiscal Year Funding $305,254.00
Project Number R01MH072964-04
Principal Investigator McDougle, Christopher
Strategic Plan Question Question 4: Which Treatments And Interventions Will Help? (Interventions)
Strategic Plan Objective 4O. Not specific to Question 4 objectives
Federal or Private? Federal
Institution Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
State/Country Indiana
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History/Related Projects Novel pharmacological strategies in autism | $305,254.00 | 2009 | 5R01MH072964-05