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Question 2: How Can I Understand What Is Happening? (Biology)  

Fiscal Year: 2008

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
A combined fMRI-TMS study on the role of the mirror neuron system in social cognition: Moving beyond correlational evidence Dapretto, Mirella Q2.Other University of California, Los Angeles
A longitudinal MRI study of infants at risk for autism Piven, Joseph Q2.5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A longitudinal MRI study of infants at risk for autism- Supplemental Piven, Joseph Q2.5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A model-based investigation of face processing in autism Riesenhuber, Maximilian Q2.Other Georgetown University
Amygdala structure & biochemistry in adolescents with autism Nacewicz, Brendon Q2.Other University of Wisconsin - Madison
An adult brain-specific mouse model of neuronal TSC inactivation Kelleher, Raymond Q2.Other Massachusetts General Hospital
Analysis of brain microstructure in autism using novel diffusion MRI approaches Conturo, Thomas Q2.5 Washington University School of Medicine
Analysis of cortical circuits related to ASD gene candidates Zador, Anthony Q2.Other Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Anatomical connectivity in the autistic brain Lazar, Mariana Q2.Other New York University School of Medicine
Animal models of autism: Pathogenesis and treatment Powell, Craig Q2.Other University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
A novel cell-based assay for autism research and drug discovery Restifo, Linda Q2.Other University of Arizona
Anterior cingulate and fronto-insular related brain networks in autism Fan, Jin Q2.Other Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Architecture of myelinated axons linking frontal cortical areas Barbas, Helen Q2.Other Boston University
Are neuronal defects in the cerebral cortex linked to autism? Shi, Song-Hai Q2.Other Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Assessing information processing and capacity for understanding language in non-verbal children with autism Benasich, April; Valerie Schafer Q2.5 Rutgers University; City University of New York
Attentional abnormalities in autism: An electronphysiological study of the basal forebrain and central nucleus of the amygdala Chiba, Andrew Q2.Other University of California, San Diego
Atypical late neurodevelopment in autism: A longitudinal MRI and DTI study Lainhart, Janet Q2.Other University of Utah
Autism: Role of oxytocin Ellerbeck, Kathryn Q2.2 University of Kansas Medical Center
Autism: The neural substrates of language in siblings Lindgren, Kristen Q2.Other Boston University Medical Campus
Autism spectrum disorder and the visual analysis of human motion Shiffrar, Maggie Q2.5 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Autism Treatment Program (ATP) Lightfoot, Daniel Q2.6 Autism Speaks
BDNF secretion and neural precursor migration Zhao, Xuesong Q2.Other Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Behavioral and functional neuroimaging investigations of visual perception and cognition in autistics Mottron, Laurent Q2.5 Université de Montréal
Biomedical informatics research network: National Database for Autism Research Ellisman, Mark Q2.Other University of California, San Diego
Brain circuitry in simplex autism Constantino, John Q2.Other Washington University in St. Louis