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Question 2: How Can I Understand What Is Happening? (Biology)  

Fiscal Year: 2009

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Proteomics in Drosophila to identify autism candidate substrates of UBE3A (supplement) Reiter, Lawrence Q2.S.D University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Proteomics in Drosophila to identify autism candidate substrates of UBE3A Reiter, Lawrence Q2.S.D University of Tennessee Health Science Center
A microdevice for immune profiling of children with autism Revzin, Alexander Q2.Other University of California, Davis
A model-based investigation of face processing in autism Riesenhuber, Maximilian Q2.Other Georgetown University
Sex chromosomes, epigenetics, and neurobehavioral disease Rissman, Emilie Q2.S.B University of Virginia
Psychophysiological mechanisms of emotion expression Robins, Diana Q2.Other Georgia State University
Cerebral asymmetry and language in autism Rojas, Donald Q2.L.B University of California, Los Angeles
Gamma band dysfunction as a local neuronal connectivity endophenotype in autism Rojas, Donald Q2.Other University of Colorado Denver
Olfactory abnormalities in the modeling of Rett syndrome Ronnett, Gabriele Q2.S.D Johns Hopkins University
Regulation of activity-dependent ProSAP2 synaptic dynamics Rowan, Magali Q2.Other Stanford University
Molecular components of A-type K+ channels Rudy, Bernardo Q2.S.E New York University School of Medicine
Relationship between celiac disease and autism Russo, A.J. Q2.S.A Health Research Institute
Visual system connectivity in a high-risk model of autism Sahin, Mustafa Q2.S.D Children's Hospital Boston
The development and redevelopment of lexical and sublexical representations Samuel, Arthur Q2.Other The Research Foundation of the State University of New York
Connectopathic analysis of autism Sanes, Joshua Q2.S.D Harvard University
Sex differences in early brain development: Brain development in Turner syndrome Santelli, Rebecca Knickmeyer Q2.S.D University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Neural mechanisms for social cognition in autism spectrum disorders Saxe, Rebecca Q2.Other Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Physiological and behavioral characterization of sensory dysfunction in autism Schaaf, Roseann Q2.Other Thomas Jefferson University
Neuroimaging of autism spectrum disorders Schultz, Robert Q2.L.B University of California, Los Angeles
The fusiform and amygdala in the pathobiology of autism Schultz, Robert Q2.Other Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
An open resource for autism iPSCs and their derivatives Schwartz, Philip Q2.S.C Children's Hospital of Orange County
Impacts of parenting adolescents & adults with autism Seltzer, Marsha Q2.L.A University of Wisconsin - Madison
Behavioral and sensory evaluation of auditory discrimination in autism Serna, Richard Q2.Other University of Massachusetts Medical School
Are neuronal defects in the cerebral cortex linked to autism? Shi, Song-Hai Q2.Other Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Visual perspective-taking and the acquisition of American Sign Language by deaf children with autism Shield, Aaron Q2.Other University of Texas at Austin