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Question 1: When Should I Be Concerned? (Diagnosis)  

Fiscal Year: 2009

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Multiple social tasks and social adjustment Kang, Sun-Mee Q1.L.B California State University, Northridge
Autism spectrum disorder in Down syndrome: A model of repetitive and stereotypic behavior for idiopathic ASD Kaufmann, Walter Q1.Other Kennedy Krieger Institute
ACE Center: Assessment Core Klin, Ami Q1.L.A Yale University
The ontogeny of social visual engagement in infants at risk for autism Klin, Ami Q1.L.A Yale University
Model diagnostic lab for infants at risk for autism Klin, Ami Q1.L.A Yale University
ACE Center: Eye-tracking studies of social engagement Klin, Ami Q1.L.B Yale University
Performance indices of social disability in toddlers with autism Klin, Ami Q1.L.B Yale University
Perception of social and physical contingencies in infants with ASD Klin, Ami Q1.L.B Yale University
Child-initiated communicative interactions and autism intervention Koegel, Robert Q1.L.B University of California, Santa Barbara
ACE Center: Linguistic and social responses to speech in infants at risk for autism Kuhl, Patricia Q1.L.A University of Washington
Signatures of gene expression in autism spectrum disorders Kunkel, Louis Q1.L.A Children's Hospital Boston
Autism: Social and communication predictors in siblings Landa, Rebecca Q1.L.B Kennedy Krieger Institute
The development of Chinese versions of the ADOS and ADI-R Lee, Li-Ching Q1.S.B Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
ACE Center: Assessment Core Leventhal, Bennett Q1.Other University of Illinois at Chicago
Clinical and gene signatures of ASDs Lewis, Suzanne Q1.L.A University of British Columbia
1/2 Development of a screening interview for research studies of ASD Lord, Catherine Q1.S.A University of Michigan
Development of a brief screener for research in autism spectrum disorders Lord, Catherine Q1.S.A University of Michigan
Perceptual factors affecting social attention in autism spectrum disorders Macari, Suzanne Q1.L.B Yale University
Using a direct observation assessment battery to assess outcome of early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism MacDonald, Rebecca Q1.L.B New England Center for Children
Predicting outcome at age 5 of younger siblings of children with ASD Malesa, Elizabeth Q1.L.A Vanderbilt University
Eyeblink in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: A pilot study Malone, Richard Q1.Other Drexel University
Understanding the delay in the diagnosis of autism Mandell, David Q1.S.C University of Pennsylvania
Magnetic source imaging and sensory behavioral characterization in autism Marco, Elysa Q1.L.B University of California, San Francisco
Sleep, neuropsychological, mood, behavior, learning, and developmental problems in children with autism Mayes, Susan Q1.L.B Penn State College of Medicine
Portable guidance in autism spectrum disorder Mesibov, Gary Q1.Other SymTrend, Inc.