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Question 2: How Can I Understand What Is Happening? (Biology)  

Fiscal Year: 2008

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
The neural substrates of repetitive behaviors in autism Dominick, Kelli Q2.Other Boston University Medical Campus
Psychosis and autoimmune diseases in Denmark Eaton, William Q2.2 Johns Hopkins University
Autism: Role of oxytocin Ellerbeck, Kathryn Q2.2 University of Kansas Medical Center
Biomedical informatics research network: National Database for Autism Research Ellisman, Mark Q2.Other University of California, San Diego
Multisensory processing in autism Essick, Gregory Q2.5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Neural mechanisms of attentional networks in autism Fan, Jin Q2.5 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Anterior cingulate and fronto-insular related brain networks in autism Fan, Jin Q2.Other Mount Sinai School of Medicine
GABAergic dysfunction in autism Fatemi, Seyyed Q2.Other University of Minnesota
Mimicry and imitation in ASDs Fein, Deborah Q2.5 University of Connecticut
Deriving neuroprogenitor cells from peripheral blood of individuals with autism Fujinami, Robert Q2.2 University of Utah
Dendritic organization within the cerebral cortex in autism Gabbott, Paul Q2.5 The Open University
Cognitive neuroscience - 1 Gabrieli, John Q2.Other Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mouse models of the neuropathology of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Gambello, Michael Q2.Other University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Genetics of language & social communication: Connecting genes to brain & cognition Geschwind, Daniel Q2.Other University of California, Los Angeles
Multisensory integration of faces and voices in the primate temporal lobe Ghazanfar, Asif Q2.Other Princeton University
Is autism a mitochondrial disease? Giulivi, Cecilia Q2.2 University of California, Davis
The effects of Npas4 and Sema4d on inhibitory synapse formation Greenberg, Michael Q2.Other Boston Children's Hospital
Neural basis of socially driven attention in children with autism Greene, Deanna Q2.5 University of California, Los Angeles
Communication and prosody in autism: A pilot fMRI study using a sib-pair design Gusnard, Debra Q2.5 Washington University in St. Louis
Neurobiology of affective prosody perception in autism Gusnard, Debra Q2.Other Washington University in St. Louis
Core B: Outreach and translation Hansen, Robin Q2.Other University of California, Davis
MRI study of brain development in school age children with autism Hazlett, Heather Cody Q2.5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Multimodal neuroimaging of white matter in autism Herbert, Martha Q2.Other Massachusetts General Hospital
Studies of central nervous system functional anatomy Herkenham, Miles Q2.2 National Institutes of Health
GABRBeta3 expression variation and the autism spectrum Herzing, Laura Q2.Other Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago