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Question 2: How Can I Understand What Is Happening? (Biology)  

Fiscal Year: 2008

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Genetics and physiology of social anxiety in fragile X Hessl, David Q2.Other University of California, Davis
Developmental versus acute mechanisms mediating altered excitatory synaptic function in the fragile X syndrome mouse model Huber, Kimberly Q2.Other University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Gaba(A) receptor modulation via the beta subunit Jenkins, Andrew Q2.Other Emory University
Exploring functional brain connectivity for visual cognition in autism spectrum disorder Joseph, Jane Q2.5 University of Kentucky
Functional neuroanatomy of developmental changes in face processing Joseph, Jane Q2.Other University of Kentucky
Neural substrates of gaze and face processing in autism Joseph, Robert Q2.Other Boston University Medical Campus
Visuospatial processing in adults and children with autism Just, Marcel Q2.5 Carnegie Mellon University
Systems connectivity + brain activation: Imaging studies of language + perception Just, Marcel Q2.Other University of Pittsburgh
Impact of innate immunity on regressive autism Jyonouchi, Harumi Q2.2 University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
An adult brain-specific mouse model of neuronal TSC inactivation Kelleher, Raymond Q2.Other Massachusetts General Hospital
Victimization, pragmatic language, and social and emotional competence in adolescents with ASD Kelley, Elizabeth Q2.5 Queen's University
Meg investigation of the neural substrates underlying visual perception in autism Kenet, Tal Q2.5 Massachussetts General Hospital
Coherence and temporal dynamics in auditory cortex of children with autism Kenet, Tal Q2.Other Massachusetts General Hospital
Cognitive neuroscience - 4 Kenet, Tal Q2.Other Massachusetts General Hospital
Investigation of the link between early brain enlargement and abnormal functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders Kleinhans, Natalia Q2.5 University of Washington
Multimodal brain imaging in autism spectrum disorders Kleinhans, Natalia Q2.Other University of Washington
Sex differences in early brain development; Brain development in Turner Syndrome Knickmeyer, Rebecca Q2.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
L-type Ca2+ channel regulation of dendritic arborization Krey, Jocelyn Q2.Other Stanford University
Slick and slack heteromers in neuronal excitability Kronengold, Jack Q2.Other Yale University
Quantifying white matter connectivity in autism Lainhart, Janet Q2.5 University of Utah
Atypical late neurodevelopment in autism: A longitudinal MRI and DTI study Lainhart, Janet Q2.Other University of Utah
Anatomical connectivity in the autistic brain Lazar, Mariana Q2.Other New York University School of Medicine
FMRI evidence of genetic influence on rigidity in ASD Lee, Jillian Q2.5 University of Michigan
Neurobiological correlates of language dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders Lewine, Jeffrey Q2.Other Alexian Brothers Medical Center
The genetics of restricted, repetitive behavior: An inbred mouse model Lewis, Mark Q2.Other University of Florida