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Question 3: What Caused This To Happen And Can This Be Prevented? (Causes)  

Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Multi-registry analyses for iCARE- West Australia Leonard, Helen Q3.S.H The University of Western Australia
Simons Simplex Collection Site Lese Martin, Christa Q3.L.B Emory University
The frequency of polymorphisms in maternal- and paternal-effect genes in autism spectrum Levine, Arnold Q3.L.B Princeton University
Gene-environment interactions in an autism birth cohort (supplement) Lipkin, W. Ian Q3.L.D Columbia University
Simons Simplex Collection Site Lord, Catherine Q3.L.B University of Michigan
Investigating gene-environment interaction in autism: Air pollution x genetics McConnell, Rob Q3.L.D University of Southern California
Relevance of NPAS1/3 balance to autism and schizophrenia McKnight, Steven Q3.L.B University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Simons Simplex Collection Site Miles, Judith Q3.L.B University of Missouri
Linking autism and congenital cerebellar malformations Millen, Kathleen Q3.L.B University of Chicago
Centers for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) - Colorado Miller, Lisa Q3.L.D Colorado Department of Health and Environment
Do vagal and circumventricular inflammation contribute to the etiology of regressive autism? Miller, Veronica Q3.Other Wadsworth Center, State of New York Department of Health
Epigenetic regulation of the autism susceptibility gene, ENGRAILED 2 (EN2) Millonig, James Q3.S.J University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Genome-wide association study of autism characterized by developmental regression Molloy, Cynthia Q3.L.B Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Identifying and understanding the action of autism susceptibility genes Monaco, Anthony Q3.L.B University of Oxford
Research project about a potential infectious origin of autism Montagnier, Luc Q3.S.E Institut de Recherche Luc Montagnier
Genetic investigation of cognitive development in autistic spectrum disorders Morrow, Eric Q3.L.B Brown University
Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) network (supplement) Newschaffer, Craig Q3.L.A Drexel University
ACE Network: Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) network Newschaffer, Craig Q3.L.A Drexel University
Vulnerability phenotypes and susceptibility to environmental toxicants: From organism to mechanism Noble, Mark Q3.S.E University of Rochester
Illumina, Inc. No PI listed Q3.L.B Illumina, Inc.
Epidemiologic studies of reproductive and developmental outcomes – Denmark Olsen, Jorn Q3.S.H Aarhus University
Multi-registry analyses for iCARE - Denmark Parner, Eric Q3.S.H Aarhus University
Simons Simplex Collection Site Pelphrey, Kevin Q3.L.B Yale University
Molecular and genetic epidemiology of autism Pericak-Vance, Margaret Q3.L.B University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Elevated urinary P-cresol: Intestinal causes and behavioral consequences Persico, Antonio Q3.S.I Universita Campus Bio-Medico di Roma