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Question 3: What Caused This To Happen And Can This Be Prevented? (Causes)  

Fiscal Year: 2010

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Environment, the perinatal epigenome, and risk for autism and related disorders Fallin, Margaret; Feinberg, Andrew Q3.S.J Johns Hopkins University
Strengthening qualitative research through methodological innovation and integration: Networks of expertise and the autism spectrum Eyal, Gil Q3.Other Columbia University
Genomic hotspots of autism Eichler, Evan Q3.L.B University of Washington
Effect of oxytocin receptor inhibitor (atosiban) during the perinatal period and prevalence of autism spectrum disorders Ebstein, Richard Q3.S.H Hebrew University
Psychosis and autoimmune diseases in Denmark Eaton, William Q3.S.E Johns Hopkins University
Autism spectrum disorder and autoimmune disease of mothers Diamond, Betty Q3.S.E The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Immunopathogenesis in autism: Regulatory T cells and autoimmunity in neurodevelopment DeWitt, Jamie Q3.S.F East Carolina University
Does thimerosal elicit a hormetic response? Deth, Richard Q3.S.E Northeastern University
Centers for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) - North Carolina Daniels, Julie Q3.L.D University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2/5-Elucidating the genetic architecture of autism by deep genomic sequencing Daly, Mark Q3.S.A Broad Institute
Comprehensive follow-up of novel autism genetic discoveries Daly, Mark Q3.L.B Massachusetts General Hospital
Prenatal and neonatal biologic markers for autism Croen, Lisa Q3.S.C Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Prenatal exposure to polyfluoroalkyl compounds in the EMA study Croen, Lisa Q3.S.F Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Centers for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) - California Croen, Lisa Q3.L.D Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Simons Simplex Collection Site Cook, Edwin Q3.L.B University of Illinois at Chicago
Gene expression profiling of autism spectrum disorders Collins, Christin Q3.L.B Children's Hospital Boston
Genome-wide analyses of DNA methylation in autism Chess, Andrew Q3.S.J Massachusetts General Hospital
In vivo function of neuronal activity-induced MeCP2 phosphorylation Chang, Qiang Q3.S.J University of Wisconsin - Madison
The role of contactin-associated protein-like 2 (CNTNAP2) and other novel genes in autism Chakravarti, Aravinda Q3.L.B Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
3/5-Elucidating the genetic architecture of autism by deep genomic sequencing Buxbaum, Joseph Q3.S.A Mount Sinai School of Medicine
An investigation on the potential harmful effects of mercury in the nonhuman primate Burbacher, Thomas Q3.S.F University of Washington
Pathway-based genetic studies of autism spectrum disorder Bucan, Maja Q3.L.B University of Pennsylvania
Prenatal factors and risk of autism in a Finnish national birth cohort Brown, Alan Q3.S.H New York State Psychiatric Institute
MeHG stimulates antiapoptotic signaling in stem cells Bressler, Joseph Q3.S.F Kennedy Krieger Institute
Multi-registry analyses for iCARE - Data Management Core Bresnahan, Michaeline Q3.S.H Columbia University