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Question 1: When Should I Be Concerned? (Diagnosis)  

Fiscal Year: 2009

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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Social-affective bases of word learning in fragile X syndrome and autism Abbeduto, Leonard Q1.Other University of Wisconsin - Madison
The development of joint attention after infancy Adamson, Lauren Q1.Other Georgia State University
Multimodal studies of executive function deficits in autism spectrum disorders Agam, Yigal Q1.L.B Massachusetts General Hospital
Systematic characterization of the immune response to gluten and casein in autism spectrum disorders Alaedini, Armin Q1.Other Weill Cornell Medical College
Biomarkers for autism and for gastrointestinal and sleep problems in autism Anderson, George Q1.L.A Yale University
Attention to social and nonsocial events in children with autism Bahrick, Lorraine Q1.S.B Florida International University
Development of intermodal perception of social events: Infancy to childhood Bahrick, Lorraine Q1.Other Florida International University
Sensory experiences in children with autism (supplement) Baranek, Grace Q1.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sensory experiences in children with autism Baranek, Grace Q1.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A prospective multi-system evaluation of infants at risk for autism Bauman, Margaret Q1.L.B Massachusetts General Hospital
Video game environments for the integrative study of perception, attention and social cognition in autism and autism sibs Belmonte, Matthew Q1.S.B Cornell University
2/2 Development of a screening interview for research studies of ASD Bishop, Somer Q1.S.A Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Expressive crossmodal affect integration in autism Black, Lois Q1.Other Oregon Health and Science University
Imitation in autism Bolton, Patrick Q1.L.B King's College London
University of Georgia – Carolina Autism Resource and Evaluation Center (UGA-CARES): A collaborative autism screening project utilizing web-based technology Campbell, Jonathan Q1.S.B University of Georgia
Neural mechanisms underlying obsessive compulsiveness in ASD Carrasco, Melisa Q1.L.B University of Michigan
Neocortical mechanisms of categorical speech perception Chang, Edward Q1.L.C University of California, San Francisco
Prospective study of infants at high risk for autism Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.A Yale University
ACE Center: Gaze perception abnormalities in infants with ASD Chawarska, Katarzyna Q1.L.A Yale University
Pupil size and circadian salivary variations in autism spectrum disorder Colombo, John Q1.L.A University of Kansas
Ethnicity and the elucidation of autism endophenotypes Constantino, John Q1.L.B Washington University in St. Louis
Autistic traits: Life course & genetic structure Constantino, John Q1.Other Washington University in St. Louis
Computer adaptive testing of adaptive behavior of children and youth with autism Coster, Wendy Q1.S.A Boston University
ACE Center: MRI studies of early brain development in autism Courchesne, Eric Q1.L.A University of California, San Diego
A longitudinal 3-D MRSI study of infants at high risk for autism Dager, Stephen Q1.L.A University of Washington