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Intermediate Phenotypes/Subgroups$3,997,424.75
Fiscal Year: 2010

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Included in this subcategory are projects aimed at identifying distinct subgroups of people with autism, or those that share common morphological, physiological, or behavioral features. Projects in this subcategory use a variety of methods to identify and distinguish these groups.
Graph: The four subcategories for research related to Question 1 (Diagnosis) illustrated a heavy focus on identifying Early signs and biomarkers for ASD. Characterizing Symptomology and developing Diagnostic and screening tools also received significant funding (24% and 20%, respectively). The smallest subcategory focused on identifying Intermediate phenotypes and subgroups of people with ASD (9%).
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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Abnormal vestibulo-ocular reflexes in autism: A potential endophenotype White, Keith Q1.L.A University of Florida
Autism dysmorphology measure validity study Miles, Judith Q1.S.A University of Missouri
Autism spectrum disorder in Down syndrome: A model of repetitive and stereotypic behavior for idiopathic ASD Kaufmann, Walter Q1.L.B Kennedy Krieger Institute
Automated measurement of dialogue structure in autism Roark, Brian Q1.S.A Oregon Health & Science University
Characterizing ASD phenotypes by multimedia signal and natural language processing Elhadad, Noemie Q1.L.C Columbia University
Clinical and behavioral phenotyping of autism and related disorders Swedo, Susan Q1.L.B National Institutes of Health
Clinical and gene signatures of ASDs Lewis, Suzanne Q1.S.E University of British Columbia
Electrophysiological signatures of language impairment in autism spectrum disorder Roberts, Timothy Q1.L.B Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Electrophysiological signatures of language impairment in autism spectrum disorder (supplement) Roberts, Timothy Q1.L.B Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Ethnicity and the elucidation of autism endophenotypes Constantino, John Q1.L.B Washington University in St. Louis
Family/Genetic study of autism Smith, Christopher Q1.L.A Southwestern Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC)
Family studies of sensorimotor and neurocognitive heterogeneity in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Sweeney, John Q1.L.B University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Functional brain networks in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Nigg, Joel Q1.L.B Oregon Health & Science University
Imitation in autism Bolton, Patrick Q1.L.B King's College London
Neural mechanisms underlying obsessive compulsiveness in ASD Carrasco, Melisa Q1.L.B University of Michigan
Neuroimaging & symptom domains in autism Levitt, Jennifer Q1.L.B University of California, Los Angeles
Quantitative analysis of craniofacial dysmorphology in autism Deutsch, Curtis Q1.S.A University of Massachusetts Medical School
The intersection of autism and ADHD Reiersen, Angela Q1.L.B Washington University in St. Louis
Validity of an anxious subtype in autism spectrum disorders Sterling, Lindsey Q1.L.B University of California, Los Angeles