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Fiscal Year: 2010

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These projects seek to define the broad range and severity of autism symptoms, including both biological and behavioral characteristics. Among these studies are some that examine how children and adults with autism vary in their development of social communication and language. Other projects seek to understand the emergence of problem behaviors and how neurocognitive impairments can contribute to symptom development and phenotypic variability in those with an autism diagnosis.
Graph: The four subcategories for research related to Question 1 (Diagnosis) illustrated a heavy focus on identifying Early signs and biomarkers for ASD. Characterizing Symptomology and developing Diagnostic and screening tools also received significant funding (24% and 20%, respectively). The smallest subcategory focused on identifying Intermediate phenotypes and subgroups of people with ASD (9%).
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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Using a direct observation assessment battery to assess outcome of early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism MacDonald, Rebecca Q1.L.B New England Center for Children
The functions of stereotypy in children with ASD Tarbox, Jonathan Q1.L.C Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
Social evaluation in infants and toddlers Wynn, Karen Q1.L.B Yale University
Social-affective bases of word learning in fragile X syndrome and autism Abbeduto, Leonard Q1.Other University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sensory integration and language processing in autism Silverman, Laura Q1.L.C University of Rochester
Sensory experiences in children with autism Baranek, Grace Q1.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Psychometric evaluation of the QABF in children with ASD Wilke , Arthur Q1.Other Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
Predicting useful speech in children with autism Yoder, Paul Q1.L.B Vanderbilt University
Neural economics of biological substrates of valuation Montague, P. Read Q1.L.C Baylor College of Medicine
Language learning in autism Ullman, Michael Q1.L.C Georgetown University
Language development and outcome in children with autism Naigles, Letitia Q1.L.C University of Connecticut
Interactions between mothers and young children with ASD: Associations with maternal and child characteristics Oppenheim, David Q1.L.C University of Haifa
Innovative assessment methods for autism: A proof of principle investigation of "nonverbal" autism Connolly, John Q1.L.C McMaster University
HCC: Medium: Automatic detection of atypical patterns in cross-modal affect Van Santen, Jan Q1.L.B Oregon Health & Science University
Growth and maturation in children with autism Louis, Germaine Q1.L.B National Institutes of Health
Expressive crossmodal affect integration in autism Black, Lois Q1.L.C Oregon Health & Science University
Evaluation of behavior problems in children with ASD Dixon, Dennis Q1.Other Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
Emotional mimicry in children with autism Moody, Eric Q1.L.B University of Colorado Denver
Electrophysiological correlates of cognitive control in autism Takarae, Yukari Q1.L.B University of California, Davis
Early social communication characteristics of ASD in diverse cultures in the US and Africa Wetherby, Amy Q1.S.B Florida State University
Development of intermodal perception of social events: Infancy to childhood Bahrick, Lorraine Q1.L.C Florida International University
Developmental processes, trajectories, and outcomes in autism Volkmar, Fred Q1.L.C Yale University
Collaborative research: Computational behavioral science: Modeling, analysis, and visualization of social and communicative behavior Narayanan, Shrikanth Q1.L.B University of Southern California
Collaborative research: Computational behavioral science: Modeling, analysis, and visualization of social and communicative behavior Forsyth, David Q1.L.B University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Collaborative research: Computational behavioral science: Modeling, analysis, and visualization of social and communicative behavior Dey, Anind Q1.L.B Carnegie Mellon University