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Occupational, Physical, and Sensory-Based$1,224,347.00
Fiscal Year: 2010

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Therapies in this subcategory encompass art therapy, motor training (including fine motor skills such as handwriting as well as gross motor training involving balance and posture), music therapy, occupational therapy, pet (animal) therapy, physical activity plans and exercise therapy (bike riding, swimming), physical therapy, sensory integration, therapeutic horseback riding, training in self-care and daily living skills, and vocational rehabilitation.
Graph: The subcategories for Question 4 illustrate the many approaches to treatments and interventions supported by autism research funders. The largest amount of funding supported projects to develop Model systems and therapeutic targets (35%), followed by research on Behavioral interventions (29%). Medical/Pharmacologic interventions received 16% of funding, classroom-based interventions (Educational) received 10% of funding, and Technology-based interventions and supports received 7% of funding. The subcategories with the smallest amounts of funding included Occupational, physical, and sensory-based (2%) and Complementary, dietary, and alternative (1%).
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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Treatment for autism Leon, Michael Q4.S.C University of California, San Diego
Evaluation of sensory integration treatment in ASD Camarata, Stephen; Wallace, Mark Q4.S.C Vanderbilt University
Feeding problems in children with ASD: Impact of parent education in modifying aberrant eating habits Sharp, William Q4.S.C Marcus Institute
Effects of therapeutic horseback riding on children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders Gabriels, Robin Q4.S.C University of Colorado Denver
Effectiveness of sensory based strategies for improving adaptive behaviors in children with autism Schaaf, Roseann Q4.S.C Thomas Jefferson University
Desensitization techniques for difficult behaviors Openden, Daniel Q4.Other Southwestern Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC)
Delayed motor learning in autism Dizio, Paul Q4.Other Brandeis University
Genetic components influencing the feline - human social bond Lyons, Leslie Q4.Other University of California, Davis