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Research Infrastructure$13,176,270.00
Fiscal Year: 2010

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This subcategory includes coordinating centers that support multiple research projects by running tests, analyzing data, and providing statistical analyses. These projects also support facilities that operate large, shared instruments used by several scientists to test research samples.
The subcategories in Question 7 cover a broad range of research areas, and funding was largely evenly distributed. Research infrastructure received 26% of the funding in Question 7, followed by Data tools with 17%. Biobanks and Surveillance and prevalence studies each received 15% of funding, Research recruitment and clinical care received 14% of funding, and Research workforce development received 12%.
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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
ACE Center: Data Management and Analysis Core Grigorenko, Elena Q7.Other Yale University
ACE Center: Administrative Core Klin, Ami Q7.Other Yale University
fNIRS system to further research on neurodevelopmental disorders Pelphrey, Kevin Q7.Other Yale University
Statistics and Research Design Core Cicchetti, Domenick Q7.Other Yale University
Core A: Administrative Services Dykens, Elisabeth Q7.Other Vanderbilt University
ACE Center: Data Management/Statistical Core Abbott, Robert Q7.Other University of Washington
A confocal laser scanning microscope for Neuroscience Imaging Center Armstrong, William Q7.Other University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Administrative Core Piven, Joseph Q7.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Behavioral Measurement Core Reznick, James Q7.Other University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
ACE Center: Data and Statistics Core Gibbons, Robert Q7.Other University of Illinois at Chicago
ACE Center: Assessment Core Leventhal, Bennett Q7.Other University of Illinois at Chicago
ACE Center: Administrative Core Eichenbaum, Howard Q7.Other University of California, San Diego
ACE Center: The Diagnostic and Assessment Core Piggot, Judith Q7.Other University of California, Los Angeles
ACE Center: The Imaging Core Bookheimer, Susan Q7.Other University of California, Los Angeles
Core D: Molecular Genomics Core Sharp, Frank Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core C: Analytical Core Hammock, Bruce Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core B: Outreach and Translation Hansen, Robin Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Core E: Statistical Analysis Core Beckett, Laurel Q7.Other University of California, Davis
Grant to purchase tissue freezer and coil to allow for phophorous magnetic resonance spectroscopy Herbert, Martha Q7.Other Treatment Research and Neuroscience Evaluation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (TRANSCEND) Research Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital
Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience (supplement) McCourt, Mark Q7.Other North Dakota State University
Transgenic animal models for neuroscience research Pickel, James Q7.P National Institutes of Health
Office of the Scientific Director Nakamura, Richard Q7.Other National Institutes of Health
CPEA Data Coordinating Center (supplement) Dukes, Kimberly Q7.Other DM-Stat, Inc.
Creating the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Research Network Blum, Nathan Q7.N Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
State of the States for people with ASD L&M Policy Research, Thompson Reuters, and the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Q7.B Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)