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Fiscal Year: 2010

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Because there is so much heterogeneity among individuals with autism, research to understand how certain subgroups of individuals that share certain behavioral or biological characteristics could help understand some of the underlying biology in ASD. This can be done by searching for certain biological factors ("signatures"), such as hormone levels or structural abnormalities in the brain, that define a particular subgroup. Many of these projects try to make the connection between certain genes with a known or suspected link to autism and the observable characteristic, or phenotype, that they cause.
Graph: Question 2 encompassed a broad range of biological research, resulting in the need to create a larger number of subcategories to adequately describe the breadth of research than was required for other Strategic Plan Questions. The subcategory with the largest portion of funding was Molecular pathways (32%), followed by Neural systems and Subgroups/Biosignatures, which each received less than half the funding of Molecular pathways (15% and 14%, respectively). Projects related to Developmental trajectory were supported by 11% of 2010 ASD research funding, and research on Sensory and motor function received 7%. Studies on Immune/Metabolic pathways (6%), Co-occurring conditions (5%), Cognitive studies (5%), and Computational science (4%) round out the types of research in Question 2.
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Project Title Principal Investigator Strategic Plan Objective Institution
Autism: The neural substrates of language in siblings Lindgren, Kristen Q2.S.G Boston University Medical Campus
Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) Lese Martin, Christa Q2.S.G Emory University
fMRI evidence of genetic influence on rigidity in ASD Lee, Jillian Q2.S.G University of Michigan
A study of autism Krieger, Abba Q2.L.B University of Pennsylvania
Genetic dissection of restricted repetitive behavior (RRB) Kim, Soo-Jeong Q2.S.G University of Florida
Autism: Neuropeptide hormones and potential pathway genes Jacob, Suma Q2.S.G University of Illinois at Chicago
Autism: Neuropeptide hormones and potential pathway genes (supplement) Jacob, Suma Q2.S.G University of Illinois at Chicago
A neuroimaging study of twin pairs with autism Hardan, Antonio Q2.S.G Stanford University
Simons Variation in Individual Project (Simons VIP) Core Leader Gift Hanson, Ellen Q2.S.G Children's Hospital Boston
Genotype-phenotype relationships in fragile X families Hagerman, Randi Q2.S.D University of California, Davis
ACE Center: Genetics of language & social communication: Connecting genes to brain & cognition Geschwind, Daniel Q2.S.G University of California, Los Angeles
The neural substrates of repetitive behaviors in autism Dominick, Kelli Q2.Other Boston University Medical Campus
The genetic basis of mid-hindbrain malformations Dobyns, William Q2.S.G Seattle Children's Hospital
Functional neuroimaging of psychopharmacologic intervention for autism Dichter, Gabriel Q2.L.B University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Vaccination with regression study Davis, Robert Q2.S.F Kaiser Permanente Georgia
Psychobiological investigation of the socioemotional functioning in autism Corbett, Blythe Q2.Other Vanderbilt University
ACE Center: Genetics of serotonin in autism: Neurochemical and clinical endophenotypes Cook, Edwin Q2.S.G University of Illinois at Chicago
Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) Principal Investigator Gift Chung, Wendy Q2.S.G Columbia University
Behavioral and genetic biomarker development for autism and related disorders Brzustowicz, Linda Q2.S.G Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick
Neural and phenotypic correlates of autism risk genes Bookheimer, Susan Q2.S.G University of California, Los Angeles
Simons Variation in Individuals Project (VIP) Site Bernier, Raphael Q2.S.G University of Washington
Interdisciplinary investigation of biological signatures of autism subtypes Amaral, David; Rogers, Sally; Van de Water, Judy Q2.L.A University of California, Davis
Towards an endophenotype for amygdala dysfunction Adolphs, Ralph Q2.Other California Institute of Technology